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Naksh comes to India after 10 years and he lands in Maheshwari house being gift wrapped. Everyone get surprised. Naksh lies to his family that he is going to London for his college project. He does not know how will Naitik react to this. Rajshri gets emotional seeing Naksh back and fears of the truth coming infront of him, that Bhabhimaa has ended relations with Akshara blaming her for Dadda ji’s death. Naksh does not know the real matter and blames Naitik to separate the kids from the families. Everyone get glad seeing Naksh. Naksh hugs his childhood buddies Ananya and Yash. Naitik and Akshara get worried seeing Naksh missing.

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Qubool Hai:

The new Sanam tries to make Aahil fall for her, and throws him in the swimming poll where she puts some magical love potion. She aims to control Aahil and his mind completely. Shaad and Jannat come to memorial graves and clean them. They put flowers on the grave and spend some time at the place. Misbah comes there and gets a gun out of the book case. She looks at Shaad and aims gun at him, to shoot him down. While Shaad and Jannat does not know about her presence, Misbah fails to shoot Shaad because of Jannat.

Shastri Sisters:

Kajal agrees to marry Neil and Minty asks Neil to agree else Devyaani will taunt him of rejection in the mandap. Neil agrees to her and marries Kajal by all rituals. Devyaani stands sad and Anu pacifies her, saying this is the best for her. She tells Devyaani that she got saved by unworthy liars. Devyaani thinks she failed to emote love in Neil and accepts this as her fate. Neil and Kajal take elder’s blessings and look happy. Astha apologizes to Alka for her wrong doings. Alka is very upset for Devyaani and brings her annoyance on Astha, asking her to leave from her home.

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Jamai Raja:

Roshni slaps Rajveer being out of control with her anger after knowing his role in Samaira’s kidnapping. Rajveer also raises her hand to slap her but Sid holds his hand to stop him. While, Sid and Roshni have put their investigation hat by acting as maid, and going to travel agency office to find leads but haven’t able to pinpoint Baweja’s crimes fully. Roshni’s cousin sister Samaira is still trapped by Baweja who keeps ill intentions and wants to take her to China and marry her. Rajveer has helped Baweja and the thrust is on Sid to expose Rajveer’s role in kidnapping in front of family.

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Swara and Ragini ask their respective Dadi and Nani to accept their parents and end the hatred. Swara unites with Shekhar and Sharmishta accepts Ragini. Dadi and Dada ji oppose this and go on to commit suicide, being hurt of getting blacklisted in their community. Swaragini and their parents get stunned, and save them on time. After this huge step, Shekhar and Sharmishta get doubtful of their unity. Lakshya meets Swara and apologizes to her for whatever happened. Swara asks Lakshya to help her in uniting the families. Lakshya agrees and tells her how upset he is feeling, he is ashamed of his dad and does not wish to stay with him. Dadi hears their conversation and asks Lakshya to stay with them. Ragini comes to know about this and joins hands with Swara and Lakshya.

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Dream Girl:

Ayesha talks to Amrita and says how cleverly she has manipulated Laxmi and broke her dreams. Laxmi gets stunned and hurt. Her trust breaks when she hears Ayesha telling all her wicked plans. She tears away all the albums, pics and memories of Ayesha and does not let her courage break. She cries and states that her dreams are not dependent on Ayesha. Laxmi aims to teach Ayesha a lesson and show her capabilities.

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Soumya unwillingly agrees and wears the salwar suits, depicting Suhani. Soumya looks similar to Suhani, but does not have patience, goodness and honesty like her. She starts arguing with Rags and pushes her down. Suhani understands that Soumya does not love Yuvraaj and just wants to rule in rich Birla family. Everyone in the family get stunned seeing Soumya’s anger and how bad she could turn if things get against her. Soumya says she is the new head of the family, and Dadi gets stunned.

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KumKum Bhagya:

Bulbul has been hit by corporator and her accident led her in critical state. She is rushed to the hospital. Purab breaks down and blames himself for this, as he failed to protect Bulbul. Pragya cries and Abhi consoles her. She hugs Abhi and cries. Abhi and Pragya together pacify Purab and assure him that Bulbul will be fine. Purab begs to them to save his love Bulbul, as he can’t live without her. Abhi hugs him and gets moved by Purab’s feelings, and realizes how painful it is to see true love going away. Abhi tells Purab that he will not leave the corporator. The doctor informs Bulbul is fine and they get glad. The inspector tells Abhi about Bulbul’s accident truth, that she is herself responsible for it, as she wanted to take revenge from corporator by putting blame on him. They get all upset by Bulbul’s stupidity.

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Meera is still distraught with Gopi and shows care to Mansi in Modi’s family home. Urmila’s fake madness truth is going to be out in open in some time. Koki wishes to see Gopi and Ahem unite and prays. Ahem gets shocked when Kinjal does the melodrama and proves to Ahem that Kokila is not really ill and the reason for her acting was to unite him and Gopi. Ahem gets raged and asks why did she cheat him. Kokila regrets that Kinjal is her daughter and understands that Kinjal did all this drama to rule in Modi Bhavan.

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Raman calls Pathak and they discuss the notice sent by Shagun, that Ishita can’t meet Ruhi. Shagun says Ruhi is getting mental and emotional problems because of Ishita, and hides her need of using Ruhi for her financial stability. Raman meets Shagun asking her about Ruhi’s school getting missed because of ad modeling, and she insists him to see the ad video and realize Ruhi’s talent. Ishita argues how Ruhi’s childhood is being sacrificed because of Raman and Shagun. Ishita and Raman’s arguments make them get distant again. Ishita says she will not follow any court notice and will meet Ruhi. Mihika thinks the social worker Sujata can help Ishita in getting back Ruhi. Sujata defends Ishita and fights for Ruhi’s custody. Mihika and Ishita think Sujata came as Lord’s angel, as she catches some loopholes in the legal docs and makes sure Ruhi’s custody falls in Ishita’s lap again.

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Suhani replays some of the info that she learnt from her caretaker dad Neil to Ragini. Neil earlier told Suhani about the truth of Rupali – her biological mom. Suhani wants to clear the misunderstanding from Ragini’s mind about Neil and discussion with Ragini made her clear about it. Ragini starts thinking on the relevant questions raised by Suhani – Rupali was only a friend of Neil, and he only helped her in distress. Agam who helped Suhani to mark her entry in Ragini’s home as Kareena gets updated about Ragini’s misunderstanding. He continues to give support to Suhani since he wants the rift to end between his parents. Suhani’s identity truth is still under wraps but for evading it at Ragini’s home she needs to tackle some challenges arising there and remove doubts. On another front, Nivedita’s plans to get engaged to Neil is not realizing and she put efforts to emotionally blackmail Pam. Pam is worried to not enter Neil’s bad books but starts to succumb to pressure from Nivedita. Will Suhani’s stay at Ragini’s home come to fore to Pam, with Nivedita getting assurance about Suhani’s presence & then playing out her trickery?

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