Lakshya remorses and teams up with Swaragini



Ragini stands to protect her parents and unites with Swara, thus naming them together as Swaragini. She vows to unite her parents and complete her family with Swara’s support. Swara and Ragini hold hands and this makes Durga Prasad fume. He leaves from the place and lakshya feels bad about his dad’s doings. Lakshya did not expect his dad to go this far and hurt Ragini’s family. Swara and Ragini ask their respective Dadi and Nani to accept their parents and end the hatred. Swara unites with Shekhar and Sharmishta accepts Ragini. Dadi and Dada ji oppose this and go on to commit suicide, being hurt of getting blacklisted in their community. Swaragini and their parents get stunned, and save them on time.


After this huge step, Shekhar and Sharmishta get doubtful of their unity. Lakshya comes home and thinks of Durga Prasad’s actions and how he has blackened Dada ji’s face and beaten Shekhar. Lakshya meets Swara and apologizes to her for whatever happened. Swara asks Lakshya to help her in uniting the families. Lakshya agrees and tells her how upset he is feeling, he is ashamed of his dad and does not wish to stay with him. Dadi hears their conversation and asks Lakshya to stay with them. Ragini comes to know about this and joins hands with Swara and Lakshya. Will the trio be able to unite Shekhar and Sharmishta? Keep reading.

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