Laxmi shatters knowing Ayesha’s dark side in Dream Girl



Laxmi has always followed Ayesha Sareen as her idol and Dream girl, having blind faith on her. Laxmi manages all tough situations posed by Ayesha, not knowing that it was Ayesha who asked her staff to trouble her. Ayesha acted sweet to Laxmi and Laxmi was glad to see Ayesha’s great support. Laxmi has always thought of Ayesha’s decisions as her duty and obeyed her in every way. She regarded Ayesha as her Lord. Her trust breaks when she hears Ayesha telling her plans to kick out Laxmi.

Ayesha talks to Amrita and says how cleverly she has manipulated Laxmi and broke her dreams. Laxmi gets stunned and hurt. She tears away all the albums, pics and memories of Ayesha and does not let her courage break. She cries and states that her dreams are not dependent on Ayesha. Laxmi aims to teach Ayesha a lesson and show her capabilities. Will Laxmi be able to make herself stand out and takes Ayesha’s place in Navrang studios? Keep reading.

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