Sid-Roshni combo on Investigation trail to rescue Samaira from Baweja’s trafficking plans


jamai raja sid

Roshni, Sid and DD all three are putting efforts to unravel the whereabouts of Samaira – Roshni’s cousin sister. They know her boss Baweja has kidnapped her but they are not getting the means to nab him and expose his crime thereby rescuing Samaira. Samaira is held hostage by Baweja who has ill-intentions towards her and plans to take her abroad to China and marry her there. He shows his lusty side and not afraid about his crime since he believes his lawyer will bail him out when needed.┬áRoshni convinces Sid and family to go to Baweja’s home in disguise as a maid to find leads and find Samaira.

She gets some clues about Samaira being there but before she succeeds, Baweja gets doubt onher and her plans get foiled. Sid comes to the rescue of Roshni with DD but Baweja acts smart and sends Sid away with police on charge of criminal intimidation and trespassing. Sid and Roshni are getting short of options and time is running out, Sid plans to become an investigator and keeps an eye on baweja’s lawyer and also land up in travel agency office to find out about Baweja’s plans on fleeing the country while trafficking Samaira. He finds some clues and tries to figure out them.

Later, Rajveer’s ploy in helping Baweja gets unravelled with Roshni getting some reasons to believe about his criminal activity. She goes on to slap Rajveer after getting angry. Rajveer tries to slap her back but Sid holds him and defends Roshni from any abuse.┬áNow, the thrust is on Sid-Roshni combo to expose Rajveer’s role in crime, and also to find definite step in exposing Baweja and his crime to rescue Samaira from his clutches. Amidst all these developments, Roshni and Sid are coming closer while he is also showering emotional support to DD and her sister. What will be the outcome of Samaira’s rescue plans: Baweja getting exposed and arrested for his crime ? Where does Sid-Roshni’s relationship takes them in their evolving journey of coming close ?



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