Suhani questions Yuvraaj about their love and marriage’s future in Suhani Si…



Yuvraaj and Suhani do the ghatbandhan for Soumya and Krishna’s remarriage. Krishna and Soumya get very happy to be together again, and she wears the bridal dress he gifted her before. Soumya’s mum Madhuri also becomes a witness and blesses Soumya. Sharad, Pratima along with others get happy for Soumya, as she has found her real happiness. Yuvraaj and Suhani hug Krishna, and hands over Soumya’s responsibility to him. Krishna promises to keep Soumya very happy and not repeat the mistakes he did before. Soumya understands that money can’t buy love and relations. She goes against Dadi and marries Krishna whole heartedly. Krishna and Soumya apologize to each other for their mistakes and vow to be together for lifetime.

Later on, Suhani informs Pankaj about Soumya’s marriage with Krishna, which relieves him. Pratima is proud of Yuvraaj, who has planned all this and made Soumya realize her mistake. After everything gets sorted, Suhani raises the question on her marriage relation. She asks Yuvraaj what will be their future together and asks about the divorce decision. Yuvraaj clears all the wrong stuff in her mind and tells her what she means to her, as he got habitual to be with her, though not sharing his feelings yet. He says he will not take divorce and is happy with their marriage. Suhani confronts Yuvraaj and asks him does he love her, which makes him speechless. Will Yuvraaj finally speak out his feelings this time? Keep reading.


  1. Alas!!thy w’ll think fr thmslvs…n wht a stupid guy yuvraj is potrayed he dont hv fllngs fr suhani bt use to her ….hw anybdy cn be so silly???anyway hope rmntc trk on the way…


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