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Naksh’s birthday turns out to be grand event, organized by Karishma. Everyone sing and dance after being together after 10 years. Naksh dances with everyone and brings Bhabhimaa close to his parents. Bhabhimaa celebrates his birthday and agrees to his wish to bring everyone together. Naksh’s childhood pics are shown by Naira and make it memorable event for him. Akshara hides her tears infront of Naksh and Naira. She senses Bhabhimaa’s annoyance. Naksh asks them to hug. Akshara holds Bhabhimaa’s hand as part of their dance performance and Bhabhimaa leaves from there, unable to forget Dadda ji’s death. Naksh’s innocence will surely sort out all the problems between the elders and bring them together as a united front.


After Raman’s anger burst on Ishita, because of Rinki’s marriage breaking, Ishita goes to Iyer house along with her self-respect. Raman gets angry on Mihika and asks Ishita to take her sister and move out of his house. Raman and Ishita’s relation again got lagging, and Ishita tells her parents that she will not spare Raman for this. She takes Romi’s help and punctures Raman’s car tyres. Raman gets ready and is in hurry to go office. He sees the tyres punctured and starts giving his irritating speech to everyone, bringing out his usual anger out. Ishita passes by and stops seeing him, and taunts him intentionally to show who is the boss between them. She offers lift to him and he sits in her car, while Romi drives. Raman and Ishita start their arguments, and makes Romi’s ears suffer.

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Suhani informs Pankaj about Soumya’s marriage with Krishna, which relieves him. Pratima is proud of Yuvraaj, who has planned all this and made Soumya realize her mistake. After everything get sorted, Suhani raises the question of her marriage relation. She asks Yuvraaj what will be their future together and asks about the divorce decision. Yuvraaj clears all the wrong stuff in her mind and tells her what she means to her, as he got habitual to be with her, though not sharing his feelings yet. Suhani confronts Yuvraaj and asks him does he love her, which makes him speechless.

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Shlok teams up with his doctor friend Surbhi and does an act to fool Indrajeet. Surbhi acts and scolds Shlok asking him to get lost from the hospital and not come near Astha again. They put up this act to win Indrajeet’s trust. Indrajeet falls in Surbhi’s trap seeing how she kicked out Shlok from the hospital. He decides to make Astha get treated under her supervision, while Shlok plans to take Surbhi’s help to revive Astha’s complete memory by step by step process. Surbhi tells Shlok that their one wrong step can make it risky for Astha’s life.

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Dilip goes to confront Samaira and Piyali on the job offer call, which clears the misunderstanding. Samaira tells how she just asked Radhika to come Mumbai, and she did not mean it. Dilip gets raged and scolds the Mumbai people for not caring for other’s emotions. Samaira realizes her mistake and apologizes to Radhika. Radhika gets depressed and starts leaving from Birdsong, thinking to go back to Rishikesh and marry Saral. Piyali covers up Samaira’s mistake for her reputation and hires Radhika in Samaira’s place, to teach a lesson to Samaira.

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Shastri Sisters:

Devyaani gets angry on Neil after he made the MMS video play in her presentation. Devyaani tells Alka that this time she will punish Neil so that he does not repeat this again. Devyaani slaps Neil infront of everyone in their locality and scolds him for stooping so low that he wanted to end her career before it started, just to take revenge. Neil feels humiliated by her and she asks him to be away from her and her family. Anu gets stunned seeing their fight, and Alka tells her everything what Neil did in the fashion house. Anu gets proud of Devyaani to fight back and fail Neil’s evil plans. Neil tells Devyaani that he will break her ego and confidence, and does not end the enmity.

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Chakor goes to get answers from Bhagya and asks her about her relation with Bhaiya ji. Bhagya tells about her parents and cries recalling her mother Tejaswini. Chakor consoles her and promises her that she will unite her with her mum. Bhagya thankfully gets a hope from Chakor. Arjun asks Chakor to rethink about her decision as this can make Bhaiya ji against her and her family. He says Bhaiya ji can put many hurdles for her, if she supports Bhagya. Chakor tells him that Bhagya has right to be stay in haveli with her family, and she will bring out Bhaiya ji’s secret in Tejaswini’s eyes.

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Sooraj gets a makeover and wears proper clothes. He gets well dressed and is going for the cookery show chef post. Sandhya encourages him and asks him to give his best shot. Sooraj is doing this to fulfill Ved’s dreams. He aims to become a big name so that Ved does not feel ashamed of him. Sandhya asks Sooraj not to feel hurt by Ved’s mistake and supports him. Sandhya prepares him for the interview and does a mock one for him. Bhabho and everyone support Sooraj like before. She scolds Mohit and Vikram, and defends Sooraj, when he plans to shut his sweet shop and pursue a career.


With Pari’s entry, Kinjal is also in her anger mode. Gopi talks to them and asks them to be united, whereas Pari and Kinjal get in an argument. Kinjal gets her anger out on Kokila. Mansi scolds Gopi and Gopi warns her to stay out of their family matter. Mansi plans to leave from the house with Ahem, but he tries to make things fine. The melodrama continues in the same loop. Pari and Gopi join hands and Pari gives an open challenge to Mansi. She says she will unite Ahem and Gopi. Ahem has realized his mistakes and stays calm.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni’s father has come in the scene, out of nowhere. DD tells Roshni about her dad. The relation which got fine between Roshni and DD, suffers a setback again. Roshni argues with DD and is shattered on knowing the big truth. Sid says she can’t talk to her dad now, he is unwell and stops Roshni. Roshni scolds Sid and argues with him. DD thinks Roshni will herself understand the reason why she has hidden this truth from Roshni. Sid gets a new task to unite Roshni and her dad.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Aryan has been scaring the family till now by his terminator image. But the real vamp is exposed, as its Mausi ji and her son, who are playing this game and keeping the family under fear. Mausi ji will be kicking everyone out of the house. Roli is brought home and Simar gets worried seeing her unconscious. The same track of the rich family coming on roads will be shown again.


Aman advices Ragini to talk to Nivedita and let her know of the mutual feelings between her and Neil, and maybe Nivedita will respect their love and move out of Neil’s life. While Ragini is unsure of this, she still talks to Nivedita and tells her how the misunderstanding got cleared between her and Neil. Ragini’s innocent step gives a chance to Nivedita to act and pressurize Neil to marry her. Neil thinks he can’t cheat Nivedita, but at the same time marrying Nivedita will not be any justice to her. He plans to make her understand his true love for Ragini. Will Neil succeed in his aim to marry Ragini by crossing all the hurdles?


Love and romance are in the Air… for Manik and Nandini after Manik’s confessing his love with – I love you message. Manik’s surprise with fireflies followed by his love confession has created a perfect and serene environment for them. He also gifts her a bracelet and share moments of love with romantic eyelocks from both sides. He kisses on her hands to show warmth and to express love. Nandini feels shy with Manik’s amazing expression of love. But, they also face lurking danger ahead with pandit ji and Nyonika hell bent on their separation. Will Manik and Nandini’s mutual love overpower the danger ?


RV starts getting doubt on Nirupa to be the one who has pushed Ishani’s mom Falguni at the terrace after finding the anklet which she had wore before. He finds it on the terrace and develops suspicion but mistaken since Nirupa is actually Ishani. In ensuing track, with RV’s accident when he was running to see Ishani paves the way for their love to be tested. The onus is on Ishani to come forward to reveal her presence on being alive to RV but the question is whether she is going to take that step.

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  1. Every episode Tanveer /Shashikapoor wins in her evil plans now there is new Sanam taunting people getting away with her wicked plans, stopped watching show only follow writtenupdate.


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