Nisha’s love for Kabir going to put impetus on him – ‘Is he ready to take a chance on Love’

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Nisha is in love with Kabir and cannot wish to stay away from him and wants to be with him forever. Kabir had shared with her about his past break-up with his GF leaving him and also on all his past birthday’s weren’t eventful. He is also careful on love related matters. But of late, he developed feelings for Nisha which is evident in their Nok-Jhok, and how he showers care and trust. While we can also say it’s not easy being in love, and the question comes, will Kabir take a chance on love when Nisha confesses her endearing love to him. Nisha also got some inputs from her mom on true love when she informed her about love for Kabir.

Nisha plans to propose Kabir on his birthday party. Nisha and Kabir dance together in the party and Kabir gets mesmerized seeing Nisha, his behavior gives her the impression that he loves her. Nisha gets more positive and thinks to propose Kabir. Nisha feels Kabir brought the change in her and this is the true love. She knows on not having any place for Viraj in her heart, and has to make Viraj understand this.

On the other hand, Viraj gets to know about Nisha and Kabir’s marriage contract of three months with contract diary giving him that info. He goes ahead to tell that shocking truth to Ramesh.  Viraj doesn’t stop there since he is mistaken that Nisha loves him but rather the reality is Nisha loves Kabir, and she was dreaming about Kabir when Viraj saw her. That misunderstanding, and Viraj’s not giving up approach makes him propose to ask Nisha’s hand for marriage. Ramesh is shocked even more to hear Viraj’s words, and some drama ensues henceforth that involves Nisha & Kabir. How will the contract marriage truth affect Nisha now, and in the foreseen future the revelation of Kabir-Viraj as brothers ?


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