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Tere Sheher Mein:

Hari gets under pressure as his bail plea gets accepted, but the court judge orders 20 lakhs penalty on the 100 crore scam case. Sinha worries as he does not have that hefty amount to help Hari. Hari asks Sinha to hide the bond amount from Sneha, as she would not be able to help him and inturn get into unnecessary worry. Hari calls his son Rudra and tells about the 20 lakhs urgent need and asks him to keep his Banaras home mortgaged to get the money and make his bail possible. Rudra gets stunned and rages on the fact that they are losing their home because of Rishi Mathur. Rudra assures his dad of his help and intensifies his revenge on Mathurs. Amaya meets Atom and thinks of buying a generator for home, and also sends Jaz to teach Chiklu.


Suhani is heartbroken with Yuvraaj and thinks of leaving Birla’s home. She expects Yuvraaj to bring smile back on her face. She is teary eyed thinking their relationship is not steady yet. Yuvraaj hasn’t realized love till now, Suhani has understood she doesn’t need to stay with him anymore. She has given him plenty of time to think about their relation, and with Yuvraaj’s silence and his friendship stand, she gets unclear of his feelings. She wants him to convince her for returning back. Snoopi doesn’t let Suhani go. Dadi’s hatred and Yuvraaj’s non-realization of love become the reasons of Suhani’s step. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that their relationship has no meaning after he does not any show feelings for her. Suhani starts leaving and Yuvraaj starts feeling emptiness in his life, which hopefully will be linked to love soon.


Sooraj is planning to open a hotel and has the big dream which he saw in Ved’s eyes. The question of Ved on his dad’s progress haunts him which makes him cry at nights, hiding from everyone. Ved asks Sooraj why did he not promote himself in his profession, if he won the world’s top chef award. Vikram and Meenakshi laugh off on Sooraj’s sudden new dreams and asks him to see his age, whether its wise to start off any business or dream so late in life. Sooraj tells them that he has decided well and now its final that he will become a big man, as his son wants to see him, and maybe his parents also dreamt of that before. Meenakshi makes taunt at Sooraj in her usual self, and asks Bhabho to intervene. Sooraj declines to take Bhabho’s jewellery. Ved draw the colors the hotel drawing. Sooraj gets happy to see the hotel drawn by Ved and assures him of his best tries possible to make Ved proud of him.

Shastri Sisters:

Minty is annoyed that Rajat does not want to attend the puja. Anu asks Rajat to end the fight and attend the puja or her sake. Rajat agrees and takes a leave from his work. Minty still holds a grudge against Anu and Anu tries to bring Minty and Rajat together. Rajat misses the happy old times with his mum, and recalls her evil plans against Shastri family. On the other hand, Astha loses her mind being alone and depressed, and turns into a cheapster to get after Rohan. She gets irked seeing Rohan and Alka’s romance. She tries to woo Rohan by dressing sensuously and insists him to take her for dinner by emotionally blackmailing him. Rohan does not know her intentions and takes her for dinner, and calls Alka there. Astha gets angry seeing them together and plans something big to separate them. What will be Rohan and Alka’s reaction when they know about Astha’s dirty frame of mind.


Nisha is planning to propose Kabir in his birthday party. On the other hand, Viraj gets to know about Nisha and Kabir’s marriage contract of 3 months and tells this shocking truth to Ramesh. He gives the marriage proposal for Nisha, which shocks Ramesh even more. Nisha and Kabir dance together in the party and Kabir gets mesmerized seeing Nisha, his behavior gives her the impression that he loves her. Nisha gets more positive and thinks to propose Kabir. Nisha feels Kabir brought the change in her and this is the true love which she realized with Kabir. She does not have any place for Viraj in her heart, and has to make Viraj understand this. How will the contract truth affect Nisha now?

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Devika and Ravi are having their fights though both work at the same office. They are in competition mode and both trying to outdo each other in the design. Ravi is more concerned on his design and even took ideas from her design to improve on his work. Both do not see each other in good light but the circumstances always bring them close: Ravi drops her home safely upon Saket’s insistence, and now in the office lift. They are stuck in lift and he again provides her support when needed. Devika gets reminded of her past and gets scared to see the destruction and similar instances are coming to her knowledge. Devika had been warned earlier by some mentally unstable woman to not marry Saket since he is a bad person. However, she is bounded because of her Dadi to keep relationship with Saket. Saket is not showing his true colors and actually wants to control Devika with male chauvinism.

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Jamai Raja:

Roshni coming to know about her dad from DD, and argues on the revelation. Roshni gets dejected with DD and their relationship is affected. Sid comes in the picture and informs Roshni that her dad’s condition is not well and stops her. DD knows on why she hide the truth from Roshni – because her husband went away without caring for her, and thinks Roshni is also facing similar situation with Sid so she would be understanding her.

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Shlok has called Varad and Sojal for his support. He has got Varad and Sojal on his side by letting them know about Indrajeet’s evil plan. Shlok sends Apsara by his plan in Indrajeet’s home, so that she can be with Astha all the time and know about Indrajeet’s moves. Surbhi also wins Indrajeet’s trust and is hired as Astha’s personal doctor, by which she aims to help Shlok by making Astha recall her memory in bits. Apsara lands in Sarkar home and meets Astha. She helps Shlok by giving him Astha’s updates. Kalindi does not believe about Astha found by Shlok and its hidden from her that her daughter is living Barkha Sarkar’s life. Shlok tries to create instances to make Astha recall their past, by bringing past elements infront of her. He stays away from her and Astha thinks of him not being around. She gets glad that he is not bothering her anymore and thinks Indrajeet taught him a good lesson, and later comes to know from Surbhi that Shlok is away from her to secure her life. Astha feels Shlok’s love is true and thinks to meet him by her wish.


Ishita and Raman had a fight after Raman spoils her mood in the couple competition by holding some other lady’s hand. She gets annoyed with him and Raman asks her to come home. She comes to her room and finds all the decorations and special arrangements. Her patience works and Raman proposes Ishita in his unique way. He says I love you to her and hugs her. He convinces her and makes her smile. Raman will be shown going to America for work purpose, as the actor Karan Patel is going on leave for his marriage with Ankita Bhargava.


Rudra shows his trust in the agitated Shivanand and tells him to reveal the secret of activating the Garuda powers in the remaining Garudas. He shows his belief in Bhairaivi after carefully examining her words and the hidden meaning. He asks Shivanand not to break their last hope and seeks his help. Rudra comes to know about the fact that one Garuda can get his powers activated by killing one Naag. Tiwari tells about Leela being with them and they can kill her to get atleast one Garuda power active. Leela gets worried and Bhairavi makes Dansh tensed after sharing this big secret, which he was unaware of. Dansh fears for Leela’s life. Bhairavi plays with Dansh’s mind and tries to know the way to decode poison in Shivanand’s body. Rudra asks all Garudas to get ready to protect Amrit, while Bhairavi seals the deal with Dansh to get together with Garudas to find Amrit Kalash on the condition of equally sharing it.

Piya Rangrezz:

With Shradda agreeing to marry Sher Singh, he gets in a fix thinking she agreed from his mum’s warning and not by heart. Shraddha clears out to him that she is marrying him by her heart and lies to him. Sher gets glad and at the same time takes time to think about the marriage so that his ego does not get hurt infront of her. Sher and Shraddha’s families do the marriage talk and the mehendi-haldi ceremony starts. Shraddha looks gloomy seeing her mehendi and is tensed to become Sher’s wife. Sher is a gem at heart and his good side is not yet seen by Shraddha. A new entry will be happening soon in the show, as Sher’s brother, who happens to be linked with Shraddha’s past.


Radha meets Jayshree in disguise of a Punjabi broker and wants to expose her. Radha fools Jayshree by offering Rs 20 crores for LD’s home and Jayshree gets greedy. Radha tries to know about Jayshree’s real motives and her link with Neha. Jayshree has been doing everything till now along with Rakesh, and Radha has to figure this out. Radha cancels the deal and also stops Jayshree from selling the house. Radha gets hurt during this task and gets leg sprain. LD takes care of her and brings her home. LD does not show he cares for her and hides his concern. He hands over the ointment to her and leaves from her room. LD feels jealous seeing Kabir and Radha together. Radha sees love in LD’s eyes and he acts rude to keep her away from entering his heart again.

Jodha Akbar:

Akbar has ended his war with the kings having alliance to the king of Iran, and for the last king he didn’t engage in full-fledged war, instead he convinced him on why he is fighting, and also he is not against Islam. Akbar succeeds in setting up for the route for pilgrims and is glad. Next thing on his mind is Salim’s coronation as the new king in Agra. While Salim is happy and dreams of Anarkali as his queen, but Murad gets upset as his happiness of being the king is short-lived. Jodha faces troubles with Akbar’s mom Hamida’s deteriorating health condition, and even succumbs to agree on changing her religion. However, Hamida is going to recover to have good health, and Jodha doesn’t need to heed on the religion since even Akbar cannot see it at any cost. Will Salim find it easy to get the coronation of next king ?

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dabbu has successfully done the sting operation and exposed producer R K Mundra and his agent Sunny. While Dylan is very impressed by Dabbu, his channel head Mirchandani asks Dylan to post an apology on the channel as Mundra is their chief investor and they can’t expose him. Dylan helplessly obeys his boss and does not reveal Dabbu’s name to be the uncover reporter. Mirchandani finds out Dabbu’s name and informs Mundra about Debjani Thakur. Mundra sends Sunny to kill Dabbu. Dabbu goes out with Eshu and is stunned seeing Sunny there. Sunny aims gun at her to shoot her down, and this was done just to scare her so that she can know Mundra’s powers. Dylan is also present in the same café and comes to Dabbu’s support. Will Dylan and Dabbu bend to obey wrong people and apologize to Mundra?

Tu Mera Hero:

Surekha gets angry on Panchi and her parents, for calling her son Nikhattu/lazy and useless. Panchi does not leave Titu’s home to seek an answer from him and does not know his eloping plans with Ruhi. Surekha gets to know about Titu and Ruhi leaving Mathura and sends his belongings to him with her constant support. She also sends money for Titu which makes Ruhi glad. Ruhi gets hurt by a taxi driver and the plan to elope gets cancelled. Titu comes back home and tells his family how Ruhi was provoking him to elope. Panchi gets sad to know about Titu’s big deceive to follow Ruhi to the shooting set and act in the film, on pretext of managing the shop. Govind asks Titu to leave from his home, being angry on him for not attending the shop properly. The police raids the shop and finds faulty kirana items, which were not checked in time. Panchi makes Surekha realize that she is the cause of Titu’s laziness and she is making Titu’s future worst. The family celebrates mother’s day and Panchi raises a question on Surekha, asking her to evaluate herself and say if she is a good mother. Surekha gets stunned and breaks down by Panchi’s big accusation.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Nagin aka Maya comes to Bharadwaj’s home and comes there with Siddhant and saved him from the clutches of Rai Bahadur. Mata ji welcomes Maya with a warm hug since she has saved Siddhant’s life. But actually Aryan came there as Siddhant. Maya has a motive and is on the lookout of the snake’s gem (mani). But little she know (or acting to not know) that her gem is stored and hidden in Rai Bahadur’s body.



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