Ravi feels obliged to offer support to Devika, feel good perspective yet to develop between the duo

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Ravi and Devika

Devika and Ravi are having their fights though both work at the same office. They are in competition mode and both trying to outdo each other in the design. Ravi is more concerned on his design and even took ideas from her design to improve on his work. Both do not see each other in good light but the circumstances always bring them close: Ravi drops her home safely upon Saket’s insistence, and now in the office lift. They are stucked in lift and he again provides her support when needed. Devika gets reminded of her past and gets scared to see the destruction and similar instances are coming to her knowledge.

Both of them are good at heart and she also believes in Ambe Maa, and always prays for coming out a problem. Ravi thinks her family steals things and got that perspective after the jewellery charge put on her Dadi by his mom Anuja earlier. It has to be seen whether Ravi appreciates her design more than his and take a more relaxed approach to the competition. Will they able to develop a healthy perspective for each other and translate fights into some bond ?

Coming to Dadi’s thinking, she wants to see Devika marry at the earliest since she knows of Devika’s past which faced many dangers, and marriage can be of help. She trusts Saket blindly and downplays anyone who puts doubt on him. Devika is warned by some mentally unstable woman to not marry Saket since he is a bad person. However, Devika is bounded because of her Dadi to keep relationship with Saket. Saket is not showing his true colors and actually wants to control Devika. Moreover, his richness is helping him garner unconditional support from Devika’s dadi Savitri. Will she come to know of real Saket ?






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