Roshni’s dad entry to bring some twists in her life in Jamai Raja



Sid succumbs to family pressure from his mom Simran in giving divorce to Roshni and his dad Raj isn’t aware of all details gives him a tight slap. Sid in return made sure that his mom agrees to return DD’s property and home which actually was realized. Roshni at her end didn’t accept the divorce and had tore the papers and gets heart broken. At home, she is being informed by DD that Sid will always listen to his family and it is better for him to go away if he doesn’t care her.

Amidst this separation between Roshni and Sid marks the entry of Roshni’s estranged dad. This is going to bring twists in Sid and Roshni’s life and also the potential to bring them together again. She isn’t aware of him as his dad yet and gets scared to see him around at her home since he acts strangely and weird. Later on, DD decides to celebrate the occasion on getting back property and home by throwing a party. She gets an opportunity to dance with her husband and grooves well bringing smile on Roshni’s face though inside she continue to remain heart broken.

On another front, Roshni coming to know about her dad from DD, and argues on the revelation. Roshni gets dejected with DD and their relationship is affected. Sid comes in the picture and informs Roshni that her dad’s condition is not well and stops her. DD knows on why she hide the truth from Roshni – because her husband went away without caring for her, and thinks Roshni is also facing similar situation with Sid so she would be understanding her. Finally, Sid now got another task to reunite Roshni and her dad.



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