Laxmi impresses Prem by giving awesome auditions in Dream Girl

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Laxmi comes for the audition by blackening her face and makes a great audition to impress Prem by just her talent and not her beauty. Karan does not identify Laxmi and asks her to leave, as beauty is a criteria to win the Dream Girl contest. Laxmi confidently says she has come to become a Dream Girl and show them some truths unspoken before. She asks how is her dark face and marks are affecting them, and tells them that every girl has stains on her face if they are seen without makeup and asks Karan to let her speak up.

She tells about the helpless and poor woman who don’t have money to cover up themselves, and how on the other hand, rich women expose to show how fashionable they are. She prepares a good strong script instantly and delivers the lines well enough to bag the place in final 20. She then shows her real face of Laxmi Mathur, and Karan gets surprised. Prem selects her to go in the next round and Laxmi gets more sure to be near her dreams. Prem claps for Laxmi for her confidence and real talent, and tells Karan that this girl will be a tough competition for others. Will Ayesha get to know of Karan’s deceive? Keep reading.






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