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Suhani cries and leaves Birla House to head to her parent’s house. She recalls her marriage and walks on the road. Yuvraaj comes to her and holds her tear in his hand. He opens his arms and tries to convince her. Suhani did not expect him, and he makes a filmi entry. She gets sad realizing its her imagination. She hopes Yuvraaj realizes love for her and her dream comes true.


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Piya Rangrezz:

Sher and Shraddha get married by her acceptance. Shraddha sits tensed in her room and sees someone coming. Sher’s mum Bhanwari warns her again. Sher Singh comes to Shraddha and feels glad to get his love. He does not know about Shraddha’s compromise to marry him. He thanks her for accepting his love. He gets close to her and holds her, and gets a shocked reaction from her. She moves back and tells him that the marriage did not happen by her wish. Sher gets angry knowing his mum has forced Shraddha to marry him. He leaves from the bedroom and argues with his mum on her wrong step to make his love for Shraddha turn into fear in her heart. He takes it as a challenge to make Shraddha fall in love with him, by his love strength, which is over his mum’s influential powers.

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Nisha cries as her contract marriage truth has hurt her family, and Kabir hugs her to pacify. Viraj talks to Nisha and holds her against her wish. Kabir pushes Viraj. Viraj says Kabir has planned all this and Nisha does not believe anything against Kabir. They get into a fight for Nisha. Nisha tries stopping Kabir. Nisha seeks an answer from Viraj, on exposing his marriage contract truth. Sumit is playing with Viraj’s mind, and Viraj has hurt Nisha unintentionally. Nisha stops Kabir from the fight and hugs him crying.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Rai Bahadur makes a villainous entry in Bharadwaj house. He gets Prem’s sign on the property papers and asks the family to vacate the house, as it belongs to him. He asks them not to waste time and sends Prem to figure out his loss. Prem rushes to registration office, while Aryan has kept Roli captive. Prem faces problems, and Maya sends Simar along. Maya moves Aryan away from Roli and helps the Bharadwaj family. Prem goes to the lawyer to ask about property papers, on which he took Prem’s sign stating business documents. Prem gets angry and beats him. Rai Bahadur comes there and stops Prem and Simar. The Bharadwaj family is made to leave the home and come on the roads yet another time. Rai Bahadur takes the revenge from them for sending him to jail. Prem gets shattered and has belief in Lord to save them.


Ishita misses Raman a lot and makes herself busy. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi laugh seeing Ishita trying to time pass in Ruhi’s school project. She gets angry on Raman for going so far and Simmi teases her. With Raman being far, Subbu will be seen around Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla gets irked seeing Subbu’s efforts to reach Ishita. She tells Ishita not to gel with Subbu much, as this might go against her and Raman’s relation. Simmi brings Ananya and Ishita smiles seeing them. Mrs. Bhalla gets raged seeing Parmeet back. Parmeet accuses Simmi of having an affair with Subbu. He tries to scare Simmi and get Ananya’s custody. Ishita, Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla scold Parmeet and kick him out of the house.


Dansh gets glad that Rudra can’t survive the strong poison of Naag Mauni Baba and thinks this will mark the end of the Garuda Head. He tells Bhairavi to go and meet Rudra for the final time, as he will be dying soon. Bhairavi gets upset with Dansh, for hitting against Garudas again, as done in the history before and tells him that Garudas can never trust the Naag clan. Dansh laughs off and tells her that he will secure Leela. The Garudas see Rudra sinking and gets firm on sacrificing Leela. Bhairavi gets stubborn to cure Shivanand, Rudra and Maya and keeps her plan working on Dansh to make him against his Naag Guru by stating about the third unknown secret book to find Amrit. She hurries up knowing Amrit Kalash will be surfacing in the Shivratri and Naag clan already trying to place their hands on it for their evil motives.

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Bhabhimaa tells Naitik and Akshara to go back from where they came, and she has behaved well with them because of Naksh. Naitik and Akshara are hurt as Bhabhimaa did not forgive them till now. They hide from Naksh about the matter. Bhabhimaa cries and hugs Naksh and Naira. Naksh can’t understand anything and finds it related to Dadda ji. Naitik says once he leaves now, he will never come back. This gives a bolt to his father. Everyone wish to stop them, but does not say anything because of Bhabhimaa. Devyaani and Rajpanna break down seeing Naitik and Akshara leave. Naksh plans with Yash and Naira, to stop Naitik and Akshara and make them land back in Singhania house.

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KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya defends Tanu and fights with Abhi. She does not know the truth and blames Abhi for Tanu’s pregnancy. She scolds him by her taunts, and does not give him time to understand. He sits thinking on what context is she giving this lecture. He asks what is she saying, and she does not stop her nonstop verbal firing on him. Abhi gets clueless and leaves silently, making her feel its his mistake and she gets more angry on him.


Shlok creates the magical first meeting moment between him and Astha, as they argued for the play tickets, which Astha got unfairly by him for her ashram ladies. Shlok organizes a play and recreates those arrogance and tons of attitude behavior to make Astha recall that he is her Shlok, not any stranger. Astha gets few glimpses of her past and Indrajeet starts worrying. He decides to get Astha treated by Dr Surbhi. Surbhi turns out to fall for Shlok seeing his pure love for Astha and helps him in regaining Astha’s memory. Shlok’s rudeness attracts Astha towards him, as before. Shlok tells his real identity to her, as Shlok Agnihotri and lets her know he is much rich than her, as Indrajeet claimed him to be a cheapster staying in a chawl.

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Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya’s efforts to make Jaz’s admission possible go in vain. Rudra spoils everything to trouble Sneha and her daughters. He tells them about big donations needed in the school. Sneha gets worried knowing the amount needed for donation and falls short of money. She still tries to accumulate the money. She tells Rudra that she will arrange the money. Amaya calms Jaz and asks her not to opinionate her mind against Rishi. She promises her that she will make her admission done in the best school. Rachita hurries to get the job to support her family and takes Rama’s help. Rudra plans to ease out 20 lakhs from the Mathurs to get Hari bailed out.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi comes for the audition by blackening her face and makes a great audition to impress Prem by just her talent and not her beauty. Karan does not identify Laxmi and asks her to leave, as beauty is a criteria to win the Dream Girl contest. Laxmi confidently says she has come to become a Dream Girl and show them some truths unspoken before. She prepares a good strong script instantly and delivers the lines well enough to bag the place in final 20. She then shows her real face of Laxmi Mathur, and Karan gets surprised. Prem selects her to go in the next round and Laxmi gets more sure to be near her dreams. Prem claps for Laxmi for her confidence and real talent, and tells Karan that this girl will be a tough competition for others.

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Imli and Sheru help Chakor and makes Sheru run with Bhavani’s purse. Bhavani cries for the money and runs after Sheru to get her purse. Chakor comes to Bhagya and rescues her. Bhagya thanks her. Chakor brings Bhagya along with her and hides her from Bhaiya ji. Suraj also participates in the race and plans to trouble Chakor to make her lose the race and break her dreams. Bhagya sees her family and wishes to meet them at the earliest. Chakor asks Imli to take care of Bhagya and not let her come in anyone’s sight. Arjun asks Chakor to focus on the race and win it, as Kangan’s dreams are also associated with her victory. Chakor runs hard towards her dreams to spread education and also take up the task of ending Bhagya’s bonded temple life.

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Gulmohar Grand:

Annie aka Anhaita Mehta comes to her rich home. She has all the comforts and support staff. She attends a call and agrees to be in the plan, and for the same reason she has arrived there. Neil wonders what Annie is doing in a record room. Annie bumps into a guest and his belongings fall. The man gets irked by her and looks a serious guy. Annie apologizes to him. She goes to give food to Jaitley and faces ire from Jaitley since she has broken a photo frame dear to him. Jaitley asks Anirudh to fire Annie. Will Neil be able to find out Annie’s motives?


Everyone get worried seeing Sooraj’s sweet shop nameboard getting removed and cry. Babasa feels Sooraj should keep working in his shop and worries to lose everything if Sooraj fails in his big step. Sooraj takes Ved’s drawing and tells Ved that he will make it true. Sooraj shows the hotel drawing to everyone and says he has chosen a name for the hotel ‘Vedansh’ by clubbing his sons’ names – Ved and Vansh. Bhabho blesses Sooraj and Sandhya too becomes his supportive strength.

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