Rudra gets poisoned; Bhairavi to anticipate Amrit Kalash surfacing in Mahakumbh

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Rudra tells Tiwari that they can’t kill Leela to revive any Garuda and dismisses the sacrifice thing. Leela sees another great virtue of Garudas. She decides to help Rudra and tells about saving Maya. She locates the antidote which can save Maya’s life and sends Rudra to get it from Naag Mauni Guru. Rudra hunts for him and gets bitten by him. Dansh gets the news and gets glad that Rudra can’t survive the strong poison and thinks this will mark the end of the Garuda Head. He tells Bhairavi to go and meet Rudra for the final time, as he will be dying soon. Rudra gets in the effect of poison and gains courage to reach Brahmanisht camp to seek Garuda’s help.

Bhairavi gets upset with Dansh, for hitting against Garudas again, as done in the history before and tells him that Garudas can never trust the Naag clan. Dansh laughs off and tells her that he will secure Leela. The Garudas see Rudra sinking and gets firm on sacrificing Leela. Bhairavi gets stubborn to cure Shivanand, Rudra and Maya and keeps her plan working on Dansh to make him against his Naag Guru by stating about the third unknown secret book to find Amrit. She hurries up knowing Amrit Kalash will be surfacing in the Shivratri and Naag clan already trying to place their hands on it for their evil motives. Will she succeed in fooling the Naags and protecting Garudas and Amrit? Keep reading.






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