Shlok’s arrogant love to revive Astha’s memory in Iss Pyaar…

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Shlok creates the magical first meeting moment between him and Astha, as they argued for the play tickets, which Astha got unfairly by him for her ashram ladies. Shlok organizes a play and recreates those arrogance and tons of attitude behavior to make Astha recall that he is her Shlok, not any stranger. Shlok takes Avdhoot’s help too in making Astha realize they are her family.

He shows he does not care for her now and she can never be his Astha, to provoke her and make her feel bad. Astha gets few glimpses of her past and Indrajeet starts worrying. He decides to get Astha treated by Dr Surbhi. Surbhi turns out to fall for Shlok seeing his pure love for Astha and helps him in regaining Astha’s memory. Shlok makes Astha realize the emptiness in her life, though she has fake supposed husband and kids with her. Shlok’s rudeness attracts Astha towards him, as before. Shlok tells his real identity to her, as Shlok Agnihotri and lets her know he is much rich than her, as Indrajeet claimed him to be a cheapster staying in a chawl. Will Shlok succeed to show Astha the real face of Indrajeet Sarkar? Keep reading.


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