Suhani to win admiration by solving Birla’s business problems in Suhani Si…



Suhani cries and leaves Birla House to head to her parent’s house. She recalls her marriage and walks on the road. Yuvraaj comes to her and holds her tear in his hand. He opens his arms and tries to convince her. Suhani did not expect him, and he makes a filmi entry. She gets sad realizing its her imagination. She hopes Yuvraaj realizes love for her and her dream comes true. She goes her home and Pankaj and Lata welcome her. They find out the reason for Suhani’s step to leave the house. Suhani justifies to them saying she made Yuvraaj free from a loveless marriage.


Later on, Pratima meets Suhani at Pankaj’s house and tells about the business problems faced by them. Suhani comes back in Birla house. She tells Dadi that she has gone leaving Yuvraaj, but decided to come back for their business help. She asks Dadi to adjust to see her face now, as she has come to help them in business. Dadi throws her bag out by scolding her. Yuvraaj is happy seeing Suhani back as he also wanted this, but was unable to say it. Dadi asks what will Suhani do, if all her three grandsons have failed. Suhani determines to save Birla’s respect and bring them out of the financial problem. Yuvraaj gets to know something wrong done by Saxena, which can bring the family on roads. He gets thinking about Suhani’s step to undo Saxena’s move, and believes this can bring Suhani close to Dadi. Will Suhani be able to help Birla family? Keep reading.


  1. Don’t know what’s in the mind of CVS…is the three boys or that old hag don’t have brains to solve business problems…!!
    why showing yuvi as an idiot..!!
    please change the concept…

  2. O’ god this yuvraj is fit for nothing and he cant even realize his own love that he has for suhani god!!!;!!!!!!!! This man is irritating me so much stupid serial? ? ? ? ?? and I know this will also a dream

  3. its just getting more ridiculous every week! why cant yuvraj speak up? suhani can go home and come back to help the birlas business? how stupis is that? i liked suhanis character when she had a spine, her character is completely broken. and as for yuvraj? he should speak up but instead he is acting like a fearful 2 years old.


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