Kabir and Viraj struggle to save Nisha’s life in Nisha Aur…


Nisha and her cousins

Nisha is torn between her family and husband. She knows Kabir is innocent and did not steal the jewelry, and still bears the blame on Kabir. She cries seeing Kabir and tries to convince Dada ji. Dada ji tells Nisha that he will kick her and Kabir out, if Kabir’s blame is proved. Nisha, Kabir and Dolly try to find the culprit. Later on, Nisha’s life gets in danger. Nisha and Kabir caught Sumeet red handed and before she could expose him, Sumeet pushes him off the edge of the under construction building. Kabir and Viraj try to save her. Kabir asks her to give her hand and failed to hold her.


Nisha’s hand slips and she falls down from much height. They rush downstairs to her as find her fallen on the cement. Nisha gets wounded and they both get worried for her. They rush Nisha to the hospital, keeping all their differences aside. Till Nisha gets fine, Sumeet’s crime of stealing jewelry will be under wraps. Will Kabir realize his srong feelings for Nisha? Will Viraj unite the lovers and help in exposing Sumeet? Keep reading.


  1. Plz kabir realize ur love towards nisha…and don’t worry about her when millions of her fans are praying for her,what else will happen with her?…u guys are really amazing…love U nibir…and viraj I beg U plz unite ur kabir and nisha..


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