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Ishita removes a little’s girl tooth with ease and friendly way, not making her realize the procedure. The Ishita showers love on her and gives the injection by making her busy. Subbu gets tensed looking at the injection, as he operates just on adults and does not have ease to medically treat kids. Subbu gets scared and asks Ishita not to give injection to the girl. She says she knows, and she is gentle. She asks him to stand outside and wait. Sujata brings Subbu’s proposal for Simmi. Ishita is not sure about him as she had bad experience with him and explains him not to cheat Simmi and respect relations. Mrs. Bhalla agrees to Sujata for the proposal, as she was also wishing the same. She tells Sujata that she will convince Simmi for Ananya’s sake.

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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi gets to know about Tanu’s pregnancy and gets angry on her. He throws the wine glasses and confronts Tanu for her big lie. Tanu tells him everything that she is pregnant with his child. Abhi is not ready to accept it. Tanu still tries to convince him. He says this can’t be possible. Abhi asks her to leave from his life and says he loves Pragya. Tanu was hoping that this good news will bring Abhi more close to her, but it happened otherwise. Abhi leaves from her home by ending all ties with her.

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Singhania and Maheshwari families celebrates mother’s day. Naksh gives a special surprise to Akshara by singing a song for her. Akshara gets glad to be with Bhabhimaa. Rajshri hugs Akshara and is happy to be after her on mother’s day after 10 years. Naksh created a situation to bring Bhabhimaa close to Akshara and Maheshwaris. Naira makes Akshara and Bhabhimaa sit together. Akshara gets emotional seeing her close and even Naitik recalls the old time when Bhabhimaa has showered immense love on them. Naksh and Naira try to end their differences and brings them close.


Nisha is torn between her family and husband. She knows Kabir is innocent and did not steal the jewelry, and still bears the blame on Kabir. She cries seeing Kabir and tries to convince Dada ji. Dada ji tells Nisha that he will kick her and Kabir out, if Kabir’s blame is proved. Nisha, Kabir and Dolly try to find the culprit. Later on, Nisha’s life gets in danger. Nisha and Kabir caught Sumeet red handed and before she could expose him, Sumeet pushes him off the edge of the under construction building. Kabir and Viraj try to save her.

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After knowing the prize amount of the kabaddi tournament, Sooraj decides to play in the tournament by joining Aditi’s new team. Sandhya becomes his driving force and supports him as always. She starts training him and takes care of his fitness and high mobility rate. She makes him run and records his speed, and also trains him for other exercises. Sooraj falls down and gets tired. Sandhya motivates him and makes him do all the exercises. Sooraj starts doing well and goes for the audition to join Aditi’s kabaddi team. Sooraj gets selected in the team and Aditi starts bonding with him.

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Ranvir gets jealous seeing Ishani and Shikhar together. Their marriage got fixed and RV can’t bear to see her with Ishani. He loves Ishani since childhood and can’t see her with anyone else. He does not wish to marry Ritika, but just tells it infront of Ishani. Shikha’s family keeps a function at home and plays Dhol. Everyone happily dances. Shikhar holds Ishani and dances with her. RV gets upset seeing them. Later on, Ishani goes to RV’s house and RV and Ritika’s family pic breaks. Ishani comes to RV to confront him on why he has beaten Devarsh.

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Suhani has made her stay firm in Birla House and is on the way to impress Dadi and win her heart. The power goes in Birla House and Dadi feels restless. She gets the taste of summer and gets irritated by the trouble. Everyone start fanning for Dadi. Dadi says she can’t bear this heat and scolds Pratima. She wants Anuj and Saurabh to care for her, and they instead ask their wives to take care of Dadi. Suhani smiles seeing the drama. She has cut the power, as she wants to make them realize that time is not always the same and learn a lesson. She wants to make Anuj and Saurabh realize what can happen if they don’t work and get dependent on others for work.

Gulmohar Grand:

Annie continues to move ahead with her motives and getting the map was the first step, but her aim is to enter a room. She assures someone on going on with her plan and managing it well. Annie retrieves a key from the golden key bunch for her purpose and gets questioned by Neil. The main challenge for her is to keep under wraps her real motives but its not easy. She continues to get tensed since she is lying and playing a deceit there so when Anirrudh speaks of something that could be unrelated to the key bunch, she thinks her lie & plans are going to be out in open.


Ahem gets beaten up by Kokila. Ahem does not resist and shows his good values by not saying a word against Kokila. She beats him by a wooden stick and is much angry on him. Meera, Vidya and Gopi come in between and try to stop Kokila. Meera asks Kokila what is she doing and holds her hand. She gets angry and pushes Kokila down. Kokila wanted to know the truth from Ahem. This drama is planned by Kokila to know whats in Ahem’s heart. She explains Meera how she has pushed her to save her dad from beating and how Gopi has also did defense to save Rashi’s life and killed Radha, as she did not have any other way. She says Gopi has been a Yashoda Maiyya for Rashi. She wants the children to know the complete truth and not blame Gopi. She asks them to respect Gopi.

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Dream Girl:

Karan comes to visit Laxmi and gives her a camcorder asking her to prepare a short tape for her first round of auditions and gives her the rules written. Laxmi is keen to become a Dream Girl and even Samar wants Laxmi to be cast opposite him. He does everything to help her out to be chosen as the next Dream Girl. Samar dons a Punjabi look as before, when he went to Navrang to deliver samosas. This time, he does so to help out Laxmi in getting votes. He does publicity for Laxmi by associating with common people. Samar and Laxmi come closer in the journey of their dreams.

Piya Rangrezz:

Shraddha comes to know of her Dadi’s critical state and requests Sher to take her home. Sher talks to Bhanvari and does not get permission. Shraddha gets scared of Bhanvari. She takes Gajra’s help and elopes in a tempo to meet her Dai. Sher does not get in Shraddha and Bhanvari’s conflict and asks them to solve it themselves. On the other hand, Sher gets angry seeing Shraddha and Virat’s old links and confronts Shraddha for the same. Virat gets disturbed seeing how Sher ill treats Shraddha and asks him to be change his ways. Sher tells Bhanvari about Virat and she asks him to wait for the right time. Sher comes to know about Bhanvari’s tortures on Shraddha and gets soft corner for Shraddha again. Sher stands up to save Shraddha and also vows to win her love, which irks Bhanvari who was planning to break their marriage.

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Rudra succeeds in saving Maya’s life and sends her away from Mahakumbh, till everything gets fine. Maya cries and does not wish to be apart. She leaves the Kumbh on Rudra’s insistence. Tiwari informs Rudra about the big danger on Kumbh, as many devotees are falling ill and they try to find the reason. Rudra finds out the poison mixed in Ganga, which made the Ganga water turned black and impure. Tiwari arranges medical staff for the needy. Rudra asks Tiwari not to let anyone step in Ganga. Rudra hears about Amrit coming out amidst the poison. Rudra evaporates the water to make the poison disappear. The vapors forms a dense black cloud over Mahakumbh, which holds the poisons. Bhairavi tells Rudra that if the cloud bursts, then the rain will drop poison all over the Mahakumbh. Rudra gets tensed and seeks Shivanand’s help to save Mahakumbh and get Amrit.


Lakshya long lost brother Sanskaar enters into Garodia’s house and also marks his entry on the show. Sanskaar is not completely sound and carries a knife at Ragini’s neck. Lakshya, Swara & her family members come to see him. Ragini asks Sanskaar to go back with Lakshya but he holds Ragini’s dupatta and informs her on going back only if she comes with him. He doesn’t want to listen more, and this makes Ragini worried. Ragini wants to give another chance to find her first love with Lakshya, but with Sanskaar’s entry there is going to be a big shift in her life.

* Sanskaar is portrayed by actor Varun Kapoor
– Varun was born on August 28, 1987 in Ahmedabad, India.
– Studied BE in electonics from Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune and further studied at Indiana University Bloomington, USA.
– Varun portrayed the role of Danny[Danny Laxminandan Vyas] in Star Plus’s Saraswatichandra. Recent Role of antagonist Mahesh in Zee TV’s Maharakshak Devi.

Varun Kapoor as Lakshya's brother Sanskaar
Varun Kapoor as Lakshya’s brother Sanskaar

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