Shagun fails to flee with Ruhi and Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mohab

Shagun gets the children’s passports by Ashok’s help. He wants her to take the kids and leave for Australia. She hands over the passports to the agent, and does not check her own passport. Her passport does not get the visa stamp and Ashok calls her a fool. She argues with him and gets upset. Ashok asks how will she make his plan workout now and take away the kids from Ishita. Meanwhile, Ishita removes a little’s girl tooth with ease and friendly way, not making her realize the procedure. The Ishita showers love on her and gives the injection by making her busy.


Subbu gets tensed looking at the injection, as he operates just on adults and does not have ease to medically treat kids. Subbu gets scared and asks Ishita not to give injection to the girl. She says she knows whom she is treating, and she is gentle. She asks him to stand outside and wait. Later on, Sujata brings Subbu’s proposal for Simmi. Ishita is not sure about him as she had bad experience with him and explains him not to cheat Simmi and respect relations. Mrs. Bhalla agrees to Sujata for the proposal, as she was also wishing the same. She tells Sujata that she will convince Simmi for Ananya’s sake. Will Simmi agree to marry Subbu? Keep reading.



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