Aarushi faces another challenge: To be able to realize Neelima maa’s wish on work



Aarushi and Vihaan have their suhaagraat night (maiden night) and shared romantic moments. Though it came late as they have married a while back. Dadi maa asks Priyanka and Mini maa to accept Aarushi for Vihaan’s happiness but they aren’t going to accept very soon. After the romantic night comes the mother’s day and Vihaan missed it. Aarushi pulls his leg since he forgot to wish his 7 moms.  Later on, Aarushi faces another challenge regarding Neelima maa decision to resign from her work position. Dadi Maa learns that Neelima wants Aarushi to be her replacement for the post of joint MD. Neelima is happy to see Aarushi in that role.


However, things are not easy since priyanka maa also puts her candidature and wants to take the post. She carries somewhat jealousy and not so happy feelings towards Aarushi. While Neelima wanted to take break from work to focus on home but now they are two contenders. Vihaan and Aarushi get uncomfortable with things played out especially with neelima’s upfront speaking up there. Vihaan is thankful to Aarushi for what she did for his family’s happiness. On the other hand, Aarushi thinks of doing all for herself. So, now as she finds herself in new challenge. What would be her decision on the acceptance of job post ? Will Dadi maa mediate the matter that involve Priyanka maa presenting herself in giving competition to Aarushi ?

[youtube id=https://youtu.be/evxFd7ap-LE]



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