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Kabir and Viraj bring Nisha to hospital. The family blames Kabir to be behind all this. Viraj provokes Kabir and gets beaten by him infront of everyone. Everyone regard Kabir wrong seeing his violent side and stop him from beating Viraj. Kabir defends himself of the blame and tells them that he was helping Nisha and tried saving her life. Nisha’s family gets sad seeing Nisha’s state. Kabir does not know Viraj’s intentions and asks everyone to wait till Nisha gets conscious to know the truth.


Sam tells Neil how Arjun cheated her and she hates him now. Neil promises to support her and stays with her all the while in the party. Arjun takes Sam away and tells her how big admirer he is of Samrat and he joined Birdsong to be close to his idol Samrat. Samrat does not wish to be come in party, after quitting Birdsong. Arjun convinces him to come and talks to him well, which impresses Sam again. Sam bonds with Arjun seeing his good acquaintance with Samrat. Samrat gets glad to meet Arjun. Neil gets annoyed seeing Sam going against her own words. Samrat plays piano in the party which makes Arjun recall some past related to Khanna house. Neil wants to talk to Sam and she refuses to hear anything against Arjun, being mesmerized by him.

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Lakshya sees Ragini being the only one who can calm Sanskaar and make him neutralize his craze. Lakshya realizes his mistake and goes to Gadodia family. He tells Dadi that he will keep up his engagement with Ragini and apologizes to Dadi. He holds Ragini’s hand and says she is still his fiancée. Sharmishta understands Lakshya’s worry for Sanskaar and tells Dadi that he has taken this decision in pressure. She starts worrying for Ragini. Ragini goes to Lakshya’s home to take care of Sanskaar. Lakshya confesses love to Swara, not being to hold his feelings in heart.

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Shastri Sisters:

Anu goes to Kajal’s home place and tries to find Kajal’s past. She does not get any information there and returns home upset. Kajal gets to know about Anu going to her home and plants a misunderstanding again to teach Anu a lesson. Rajat gets the tickets in Anu’s bags and asks her about her trip. Anu understands that Kajal has done this to make everyone know about her spying on Kajal. She asks Kajal to stop her innocence drama and scolds her. Rajat supports Anu and believes that she has some reason to instigate this.

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Balika Vadhu:

Harki goes to see Kamli once. Nimboli manages the situation and keeps Harki away. Kamli looks at her family while she is leaving with Gopal. She succeeds to flee with Gopal. Harki is shocked to know that Kamli has run away with Gopal and scolds Nimboli. She snatches the sindoor from Nimboli and swears to break her marriage with Kundan. Akhiraj comes to know Kamli has escaped from his home and gets angry. He sends his goons to bring back Kamli. Gopal and Kamli manage to get away from Akhiraj and his goons. Gopal promises Kamli of a bright future and make a new start. Nimboli succeeds to stop a forced marriage of Kamli.

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Kangan tells Arjun that she feels helpless by that accident which made her immobile. Tejaswini asks Chakor to make Bhagya well dressed and Bhagya wears her ancestral bangle. They go in the puja and Kangan greets Bhagya. She is stunned seeing Bhagya wearing the same bangle and confides in Arjun the truth about Tejaswini being that woman responsible for her accident. Arjun gets angry and says he will not spare Tejaswini and take revenge. Arjun sees Tejaswini’s emotional bond with Bhagya after such a long time and changes his mind to take revenge and separate mother and daughter.

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Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi wins the cycle rickshaw race by her determination, when her rickshaw chain breaks out. Surekha worries that Panchi will not be able to cook food on time for Titu, being busy in her work. She starts blaming Panchi and reminds her conditions. Panchi keeps the food ready and tells Surekha that she has found a good time pass for Titu. She sends Titu to take care of little kids, by entertaining them by his humor talk. Surekha gets to know about this. Titu finds hard time to manage kids. The family goes to meet Titu and Panchi makes her next plan ready.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Sneha fails to get the bank loan, as Rudra bribes the bank manager to refuse loan. Gajanand spots Sneha there and gets irked seeing her. Sneha tells Rudra that they will approach some other bank. Rudra worried and scares her of losing reputation and asks her to think what will people say about Rishi. Sneha worries thinking about Gajanand knowing about the loan and agrees to meet a private money lender Sharma. Rudra instructs Sharma to make wrong papers and give money to Sneha. He wants Sneha to lose her haveli forever and also bail out Hari by the money. He asks Sharma to auction Mathur’s house which is the last memory of Rishi Mathur.


While Karan Patel is still on his leave, the show is managing without showing Raman Bhalla, and just using his name. The show has new track of Raman’s return from America and the Bhalla family plans a surprise for Ishita. They ask Raman to hide in bathroom and he instead gets locked in the cupboard. The keys get lost and the family worries to get Raman out. They do not tell anything to Ishita, as she is not supposed to know the surprise. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer try to keep Ishita away from her room, and ask Romi to help Raman come out of the cupboard.

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Neil and Ragini have been recalling their past memories and shared a romantic time near bonfire. They are glad to give a chance to their broken relationship. Neil promises her that he will always stay with her and not leave her under any circumstances. Neil plans to throw a surprise party for Ragini’s birthday and asks Karan to make arrangements at his restaurant. Nivedita mysteriously calls someone and does not tell Pam. She calls Ronnie and asks him to come from London to end Neil and Ragini’s relationship. Ronnie makes an entry again and tells Ragini that Rupali had an affair with Neil too, when she was dating him. He makes Ragini doubt on Neil again. Ragini gets into an argument with Neil over Suhani and Rupali. The trust starts shaking again and Neil decides to leave for USA again.


Akshara gets scolded by Bhabhimaa at home. Akshara tries to explain her. Bhabhimaa says she is staying in house as she allowed her just for children’s sake. Later on, Akshara goes to pay tribute to Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa stops her from putting the garlands on Dadda ji’s idol. She insults Akshara infront of everyone. Naksh witnesses everything and is shocked to know the reason for Bhabhimaa’s annoyance. Bhabhimaa blames Akshara for Dadda ji’s death. Akshara says she wants to do puja at home. Naitik brings Bhabhimaa there. Bhabhimaa takes the aarti plate from her and does the puja herself. Naksh, Naira, Yash, Ananya and Mishti will be helping Akshara and uniting her with Bhabhimaa. She asks Mishti to tell Bhabhimaa that Akshara will cook today. Naksh gets tensed seeing the relations got worse after Dadda ji’s death and how strongly Bhabhimaa hates Akshara even after ten years.

Satrangi Sasural:

Dadi Maa asks Neelima Maa if she leaves work then who is going to see it. Neelima happily speaks of knowing a person who is apt to take her place and she is none other than Aarushi. Priyanka Maa was expecting her name but after getting to know its Aarushi. She then speaks of wishing that place. So, there are two contenders for the joint MD post, which got vacant after Neelima decides to take care of home after her marriage. Vihaan and Aarushi get bit uncomfortable with Priyanka Maa putting forward her candidature for the post.

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Ritika confronts Ranvir for lying to her about Ishani. She gets angry on him and scolds him. She says he always breaks his promise. She says she will leave him and packs her bag. She asks him to respect her at home and even outside in public too. Ranvir promises him that he will not meet Ishani and Shikhar from today. Ritika asks him to promise that he will apologize to Ishani for creating the issue infront of her family. Ranvir does not have any option and agrees to her. Ranvir is not able to forget Ishani and does not know whether he will be able to keep his promise to Ritika.


Dadi scolds Suhani for new reasons. Suhani says she will save her family business and asks Dadi about the company foundation. Dadi tells her that her husband has started Birla empire and gives her some insight. Dadi challenges Suhani to take care of business and settle the matter in 15 days, else she will have to leave Birla house forever. Suhani agrees to her condition and asks what if she succeeds. Dadi says she will send Rags and Menka with her to office as her secretaries. Rags and Menka are stunned and get together to stop Suhani from running the company well. Suhani works hard and goes to office. She finds few things improper there and makes some plans to save Birla business and also her dad’s house and job. Rags sends Menka to find out Suhani’s plan so that they can ruin her plans and make her fall in Dadi’s eyes. Menka goes to Pratima’s room and finds Pratima and Suhani sleeping. She looks around to get the files and hides seeing Suhani waking up.

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Ananya is at a crossroads while Kabir knows what to do regarding the Mahi Malhotra case. Kabir wants to present the truth how bitter and shocking it is and is adamant to present the prime time news on drugs and celebrtities nexus. Ananya rescued Mahi who faced exploitation, physical abuse for the past 2 years with drug gang and sex offenders playing their part. Ananya thinks Mahi has helplesslessness and wants to have humane approach instead of presenting her on prime tv news. She is unable to comprehend Kabir who not only wants to present the truth so the offenders can ask to their conscience, and moreover the society will come to know of the truth and the situation around them. But at the same time, he wants to see his channel reach the numero uno spot. Ananya has respect for Kabir and thinks even the charge on him having a child is false, and wants to see his success. So, its a matter of time before Ananya would change her stance and help Kabir in presenting mahi case. And, it is also important that Mahi herself with her consent agree to present her story to KKN channel and Kabir. Mahi is under immense trauma after getting rescued. Will Mahi be able to help Ananya who can then provide help to Kabir ?

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Jamai Raja:

Roshni learnt the complete truth about her dad Shiv from DD and laments on how she had argued with  her in the past. They have an emotional reunion and next she doesn’t want to see her dad staying at her home. Sid intervenes and argues with Roshni on making sure that her dad stays there since he is having memory problems after the accident with DD’s car. Their Nok-Jhok goes into quarrel mode and DD again comes to mediate the duo and pacifies the situation. Sid has vowed to Roshni on re-uniting with her dad and the first step for him is to not let her dad Shiv leave DD’s home. Also, Shiv being unaware of his relationship with Roshni unintentionally going to make strides in reaching her heart. Will Sid who is ex-Jamai of DD succeed in his efforts driven by responsibility, and also steer DD in reconciling with Shiv ?

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