Arjun succeeds to break Samaira and Neil’s friendly bond in Manmarzian



Arjun tells Bonnie that he has just revenge in his heart for Samaira and she asks him to break Neil and Sam’s bond, to initiate his revenge. Arjun tries talking to Samaira and she scolds him for breaking her trust, vowing not to talk to him again. Arjun tricks Piyali and asks her to throw a welcome party for him, and also to congratulate Sam for her brilliant idea for Maybelline Ad. Piyali agrees and orders Sam to be part of the party. Sam tells Neil how Arjun cheated her and she hates him now. Neil promises to support her and stays with her all the while in the party. Arjun takes Sam away and tells her how big admirer he is of Samrat and he joined Birdsong to be close to his idol Samrat. Samrat does not wish to be come in party, after quitting Birdsong. Arjun convinces him to come and talks to him well, which impresses Sam again.

Radhika wishes to leave the party early as Sharmila warned her to return home early, else she has to leave their house. Tejh helps Radhika and offers to drop home. He gets much drunk and falls down on the road, thus making Radhika drop him home. Radhika gets troubled by a goon who runs with her bag, and she manages to get her bag back from him by some difficulty. Radhika gets late to reach home. Sharmila throws her bags out and asks her to find herself a new place. Radhika returns to office, having no place to go.

Sam bonds with Arjun seeing his good acquaintance with Samrat. Samrat gets glad to meet Arjun. Neil gets annoyed seeing Sam going against her own words. Samrat plays piano in the party which makes Arjun recall some past related to Khanna house. Neil wants to talk to Sam and she refuses to hear anything against Arjun, being mesmerized by him. Arjun offers lift to Sam and she refuses holding some annoyance in heart. Sam reaches office and meets Radhika. They start having a friendly bond, being confused about their lives and stuck at same point where they feel the loneliness in life. What is the reason behind Arjun’s revenge motive? Keep reading.

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