Mahi’s story brings Ananya at a crossroads on ethics vs. human first, and to side with Kabir or not


Kabir and Ananya in Reporters

Ananya is at a crossroads while Kabir knows what to do regarding the Mahi Malhotra case. She has her own reasons to not present Mahi and her traumatic story on prime but Kabir wants to present the truth how bitter and shocking it is and is adamant to present Mahi’s story. He wants to highlight the nexus between drugs and celebrtities with her story. Ananya had rescued Mahi, a former model who faced exploitation, physical abuse for the past 2 years with drug gang and sex offenders playing their part. Ananya has seen Mahi’s past that was glamorous since she was her fan then.


Ananya thinks Mahi is having helplessness and under trauma so wants to have a humane approach. Thus, she stops herself on presenting Mahi’s story to Kabir on prime time tv news. She is unable to comprehend Kabir who not only wants to present the truth so the offenders can ask to their conscience but also the society will come to know the truth and the situation around them. But at the same time, he wants to see his channel reach the numero uno spot. He means business and has no problems to say reporters are brokers of news. Having said that, his intentions are to do some good for the society.  He is smart enough to laugh on himself and also to give a fitting reply to the one who tried to damage his image. For instance, playing out the questionnaire blame on Manav so he get flak from Malvika though he knows Ananya is the one responsible for it.

For now, he is undettered and wants to play out the prime time news of Mahi at any cost. Ananya has respect for Kabir and thinks even the charge on him having a child is false, and wants to see his success. So, its a matter of time before Ananya would change her stance and help Kabir in presenting mahi case. It is also important that Mahi herself with her consent agree to present her story to KKN channel and Kabir. Right now, Mahi is under immense trauma after getting rescued. Will Mahi be able to provide help to Ananya who can then help Kabir to succeed in his news ?



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