Kabir to get boggled with Radha’s past; a love triangle to initiate in Mere Rang…


mere rang1

Radha had exposed Neha’s greedy side infront of all and kicked her out of the house, but that doesn’t stop Murli from loving Neha. When Shyamali tried to sympathize with him, he shooed her with his arrogance. Shyamali was left with teary eyes and makes it clear that she will make him love her for sure. LD is continuing to love Radha secretly and sees her favors and sacrifices for his family to keep united. On the other side, Radha assumes that LD is in love with a girl and has moved on, as her secretary Shivani lied about LD’s affair. This keeps the lovers apart and misunderstandings are broadening the separation.


Kabir (The hero of Radha’s film and her God Father) is doubting Radha as she came to Mathura without informing him and prolonging her stay. He will catch Radha and LD hugging each other because of some reason and gets suspicious. LD too gets jealous seeing Kabir flirting with Radha and asking her to say that she is his heroine, to which Radha obliges making LD fumes. Kabir is rather possessive about Radha and leaves no stone unturned to make LD jealous with their closeness. He will find out very soon about Radha’s past marriage with LD and will confront her. He will try to bind Radha with 5 film contract deal and not let her go back to LD. There is more tests for Radha to get Chaturvedi family realize the unity and value of togetherness. How will Radha manage to stay back in Mathura and face Neha’s conspiracy? Keep reading.



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