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top-spoilersMONDAY’S TOP 20 SPOILERS…..

KumKum Bhagya:

The doctor asks Abhi and Pragya to get Tanu for more tests to confirm her pregnancy. Tanu manages to skip from this by calling Sarla over there. Sarla comes to the hospital where Abhi and Pragya has been finding about Tanu’s pregnancy. Pragya gets stuck in the situation seeing Sarla. Sarla asks what are Abhi and Pragya doing in the hospital and a series of funny lies start there. Sarla gets glad knowing Pragya is pregnant and hugs her. She talks to the gynac and assumes Pragya is giving a good news to them. Sarla congratulates Abhi and Pragya, and the situation gets hilarious. Abhi and Pragya succeed to hide Tanu’s matter and confuse the doctor.


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Akshara goes to the temple to pray and speaks her pain out infront of the Lord. Naksh comes to her and takes her along to the puja. He asks her not to worry as he will get respect for his mum. Akshara asks him not to pressurize her. Naksh takes her to the havan kept for the new factory on Dadda ji’s name. He tells Akshara that he is not 10 year old kid now to get fooled by their excuses. He says he will not listen to her this time. Bhabhimaa’s anger burst clears all his doubts. Naksh comes to know about the real matter. He tries to unite Akshara with the family. Like Nandini understood Akshara’s innocence by getting in the same situation at Rukmani’s critical state, Naksh thinks to make Bhabhimaa understand in the similar way.


Sooraj performs well in the team selection camp. Some guys get jealous seeing his good performance and try to get him disqualified. A guy gets friendly with Sooraj and asks about his marriage, family and age. Sooraj tells his real age and the guy informs Aditi about Sooraj being 34 years old, who would not be able to do well in Kabaddi match. Aditi does not get moved by this and lets Sooraj go forward towards his dreams. Sooraj is tested to fail the kabaddi players and he strives hard to get selected in the team.


Raman tries to spend quality time with Ishita. He tries talking to her and she is busy in her own work. Raman’s romantic mood gets failed by Ishita. She does not notice his efforts and he gets angry. He passes some taunts in his Raavan Kumar style and leaves from the room being annoyed with her. He is trying to take their relation to next level when Ishita’s test report came postive. Ishita recalls their happy moments and gets Raman’s call. He tells her that he is planning to give the happiness of the world, which she did not expect till now. He tells her about planning a baby and it will be their very own baby, also saying Adi and Ruhi will always be special for her. Ishita gets surprised and stunned hearing this and gets under a bit of unbelief. Raman pacifies her growing happiness.

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Suhani opens an office area in the Birla House by cleaning the store room. She arranges a separate desk for Saurabh, Yuvraaj and Anuj. She pushes them to work and shows Dada ji’s cycle, which is special for Dadi. While the auction was being done, Suhani uses Dadi’s emotional attachment with the company Dada ji started. Yuvraaj, Saurabh and Anuj unite to save the company and promise Suhani that they will work together to repay all the loans and manage the financial crisis. Suhani gets glad and helps them by guiding them in their business. Rags and Menka get angry seeing Dadi favor Suhani in this step and plan to trouble Suhani.

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Tere Sheher Mein:

Sneha talks to Sinha about Hari’s bail and comes to know about some complications there. She faints by getting tensed. The daughters take care of her. Sneha tells them that she has to leave for Mumbai soon and calls up Rudra. She asks Rudra to take the girls to his home and they have to vacate the home too. Rudra and his mum come to take the girls with them and assures Sneha that they will take care of them. The girls get emotional seeing Sneha leave and Sneha does not divulge any details to them.

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Gulmohar Grand:

Neil is still living in guilt as he could not save a girl’s life and failed in doing his duty. He confides in Anirudh and says he will not let this second chance go, as everyone does not get it easily. A serial killer twist is brought up. A mysterious guy enters the hotel and is a complete charmer. He is known to make woman fall in love with him and then kill them in my unique way. The guy gets in Gulmohar Grand and Annie and Neil get a new task to deal with. Annie gets in risk and Neil saves her in the nick of the time, also believing himself to not repeat his mistake. He tells Annie that this time he will not let die.

Shastri Sisters:

Ajay succeeds to run away from Rajat’s clutches, but drops the jewelry bag there. As he has changed his getup, no one identifies him. Kajal tells them that he was a thief. Rajat asks everyone to be careful. Anu suspects Kajal to be behind this. She recalls Kajal’s planning to meet someone at night and thinks it has to be Ajay. Kajal gets Ajay’s call asking for money and he blackmails her more, having seen her influential inlaws. Kajal takes gold bangles and goes to the jeweler to sell them off. She gets money to give Ajay. Anu follows her to the shop and witnesses all this. She buys the bangles from the jeweler, as its ancestral bangles of Sareen family. She comes home and confronts Kajal about the bangles. Anu starts interrogating her, which makes Kajal tensed.

Jamai Raja:

Sid is taking steps in reuniting DD with her husband Shiv, and also reunion of Roshni and Shiv. Roshni is aware that her dad didn’t have memory problem but Sid informs DD and Nani maa that Shiv is unwell, which makes his entry into DD’s home. Sid’s goal is to make DD accept her feelings for Shiv and also to accept him. He employs emotional tactic to sway DD towards Shiv and got a day from Roshni to bring Shiv and DD close. Later on, Sid does his best to convince DD while giving a good hand to Shiv. Moreover, Yash & Samaira also try to help Sid in his endeavor. Sid learns that DD’s favorite pastime is ‘dumb charades’: hindi entertaining game to guess movie and songs. He wants to employ the same to make DD happy and also make her come forward towards Shiv. DD had locked herself in a room for some reasons and with Sid’s dumb charades tactics, he thinks of bringing happiness to her, and also reviving the lost love between DD and Shiv.


Ashoka opens-up to his mother Dharma on how he faced defeat, neglect and indifference in Pataliputra. He further adds to Dharma that she is just a mere Dasi and he didn’t got anything of value here. He shows his frustration by asking what he got there. Dharma finally reveals that his dad is present in Pataliputra. Ashoka gets shocked to hear such revelation from his mum.

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Naag Guru Vrish asks Bhairavi about his daughter Leela. Bhairavi informs him about Leela being safe with Garudas. Dansh serves another powerful Naag and wants to seek his help to tackle the upcoming problems in Mahakumbh, where even Naags have to contribute their efforts till Amrit surfaces. Bhairavi persuades Dansh to do his duty towards the Kumbh and show his righteous share in the Amrit. Shivanand controls everyone by corrupting their minds. Charles, Tiwari and Katherine side with Shivanand, while Thapadiya Maai favors Rudra. Rudra asks the Garudas to get their powers activated and he will help them in doing so. Shivanand comes in between and asks Rudra to tackle him to reach his team. Rudra gets into a fight with them and seeks Thapadiya Maai’s help. Rudra makes them unconscious and gets to find a solution to remove the fear from their minds.

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Lakshya and Ragini get engaged with acceptance from both the families. Ragini does not find Lakshya happy. Swara stays tensed after knowing Lakshya’s feelings for her. Lakshya stays upset after the engagement. By some situations, Ragini gets to know about Laksh’s liking for Swara and she gets shattered. She goes to meet Lakshya and sees him talking to Swara about his step to get engaged to Ragini. Swara warns him not to hurt Ragini’s emotions. Lakshya tells Swara that he can prove his true love for her and stands in middle of the road. Swara saves him from getting hit by a truck and says she trusts him and his love. Ragini looks at them and gets thinking about them. She walks on the road aimlessly and meets with an accident. Swara and Shekhar rush to Ragini and see her wounded. They take her to the hospital. Will this step bring any twist in Swaragini’s life?

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Qubool Hai:

Sanam/Jannat pacifies the fake Sanam and asks her not to cry, as its just a misunderstanding between them. Aahil walks inside the room and sees Sanam not realizing their relation. He is worried as Sanam does not get her memory back. Sanam asks Aahil to be nice to his wife and leaves from their room. Aahil understands fake Sanam’s drama and twists her hand, asking her to back off from Sanam. Fake Sanam tells him that she will make Sanam/Jannat’s life hell and never let hi unite with Jannat. Aahil gets Jannat with him to make her recall their past and their lovely relation. She does not recall anything and fake Sanam becomes a hurdle between them. Even after knowing Aahil and Sanam’s strong love, Shaad will be confessing his love to Jannat in the next track.


The birthday bash of Ragini turns into a miserable one by Ronnie’s entry. He spoils the party by making bad comments on Neil and Rupali. Neil asks him to leave. Ronnie asks Neil to introduce him to everyone and tells them that he is Rupali’s boyfriend. He tells Ragini that he always suspected Neil and Rupali to be having an affair. He reveals to them about his decision to make Rupali undergo a paternity test for Suhani. This step will be bringing a new twist in the show, as we have mentioned earlier about a short leap and Neil and Ragini’s parting again. Will Nivedita and Ronnie win in their evil plans?


RV continues to be mistaken about Ishani and thinks she had married him earlier for money, and now doing the same with Shikhar. He comes to know of Derwash’s blatant expression of marrying Krisha for money’s sake and regards on not doing any wrong. He challenges RV but gets beaten up in return. Ishani goes to confront RV as he had beaten Derwash but the discussion hovers around the definition of love, in part to RV’s misunderstanding about Ishani. Later on, during Shikhar-Ishani pre-wedding rituals, RV marks his entry with some men there to create problems. RV out-rightly accuses Ishani on possessing 40 lakhs money, which she got after stealing jewelry and also keeping it mortgaged. He plans to save Shikhar and for the same reason he came there to alert him about Ishani. Amidst this, the truth of the real culprit Derwash and his role in jewelry stealing is hidden, and instead Ishani is charged. Shikhar defends Ishani from RV’s accusation. But the question is whether he gets to know the ‘real’ Derwash well in time before marriage with Krisha. Will RV clear his misunderstanding on Ishani ?

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Aseem convinces LN and Mamta by his fake goodness acting. While LN was worried as Aseem is Vicky’s brother, Mamta asks him to recall how Vicky has refused for dowry at the time of marriage. They recall Binny’s marriage which was stopped by her inlaws and they asked for dowry to proceed with the rituals. LN was not keen to accept their demands and Vicky turned into a self esteemed guy by refusing for dowry and explaining his parents that Binny will be his Laxmi, and he does not need anything else. Binny respects Vicky for that and thinks Vicky is a good man and is just helpless by facing financial problems. Binny does not know Vicky and Aseem’s plans to take their property. LN and Mamta convince Dabbu to marry Aseem, while Dylan and Dabbu are falling for each other. Dabbu likes Dylan, without knowing Dylan has been her hero all the while, of which Aseem took the credit. Will Dabbu come to know Aseem’s true intentions?

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Arjun’s mysterious side is slowly showing up. He recalls a girl Nandini and wants Sam to stay in their old home. Arjun lost Nandini because of Khanna family and wants to take revenge from Sam, as she is responsible behind Nandini’s death. With the show turning into a crazy revengeful drama, it has to be seen how Radhika becomes Sam’s supporting strength when everyone leave Sam alone by Arjun’s plans. Radhika’s mum asks her to return to Rishikesh after knowing she got homeless in Mumbai. Dilip talks to Madan and comes to know about Radhika’s late comings. Radhika is ordered to come back to Rishikesh and she feels getting away from her dream once again. Sam comes to her rescue and sticks to Radhika in the tough time, also convincing her family. Will Arjun succeed in ruining Sam’s life and fulfill his revenge?


Sumeet and Leela’s ploy in trapping Kabir and Gangwals is underway with Roopan aunty also having her role. Kabir wants to prove himself innocent but on the run away from police and helped by Dolly. Dada ji is constrained since all proofs are pointing at Kabir and wants the truth to eventually prevail. Viraj regards Kabir as the culprit and arrest warrant against him was the first step. On another front, Kabir feels the pain for Nisha and has the believe only she can bail him out and prove innocent. While laxmi, Sukku, Dolly are on Kabir’s side but the question is whether Sumeet’s overconfidence lead to his downfall and exposing himself in front of Dada ji. Will Kabir going to realize and express his feelings to Nisha once she gets well?


Kabir (The hero of Radha’s film and her God Father) is doubting Radha as she came to Mathura without informing him and prolonging her stay. He will catch Radha and LD hugging each other because of some reason and gets suspicious. LD too gets jealous seeing Kabir flirting with Radha and asking her to say that she is his heroine, to which Radha obliges making LD fumes. Kabir is rather possessive about Radha and leaves no stone unturned to make LD jealous with their closeness. He will find out very soon about Radha’s past marriage with LD and will confront her. He will try to bind Radha with 5 film contract deal and not let her go back to LD. There is more tests for Radha to get Chaturvedi family realize the unity and value of togetherness.

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Balika Vadhu:

Kamli and Gopal are on the way and spending some good time together, but their happiness will be short lived as Akhiraj’s goons continues to follow them. They will keep on running to save their lives to marry each other. Akhiraj decides to keep it a secret and makes an excuse to Pushkar’s dad that Pandit ji asked them not to perform marriage because of Rahu Kaal. Pushkar’s dad gets angry and leaves with the baarat. Akhiraj takes it as an insult and decides to catch Kamli either dead or alive.

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