Mantu starts feeling for Amaya; Sneha leaves for Mumbai in Tere Sheher Mein




Uma scolds Mantu for favoring Amaya more than her. He says there is nothing like she is thinking. Uma gets very angry on him and shows her over possessiveness for Mantu. Mantu and Uma have an argument. Uma loves Mantu and tries to impress him by cooking food and taking care for him and Chiklu. Amaya calls Mantu and he does not take her call. Mantu gets thinking about Amaya and gets lost in her thoughts. Uma starts realizing his inclination towards Amaya and takes his full class. Rama thinks to confess his feelings to Rachita. He does not get aware of her home being mortgaged.

Sneha talks to Sinha about Hari’s bail and comes to know about some complications there. She faints by getting tensed. The daughters take care of her. Sneha tells them that she has to leave for Mumbai soon and calls up Rudra. She asks Rudra to take the girls to his home and they have to vacate the home too. Rudra and his mum come to take the girls with them and assures Sneha that they will take care of them. The girls get emotional seeing Sneha leave and Sneha does not divulge any details to them. What will be Rudra’s next trap for the Mathurs? Keep reading.



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