Aarav gets arrested for Shilpa’s murder in Itna Karo…

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Aarav aims gun at Ranbir and says is this my brother, tell the truth, I will not leave you. He says he is jealous of me, everything is over, the goons can come anytime and shoot me. Neil and Ragini ask him to calm down, Ranbir is his brother. Ragini asks him to put the gun down, no need to feel guilty for anything, she forgives him for everything. Aarav says he wanted to become an engineer, what did Ranbir make him, he has given this gun in my hand. Shilpa asks Aarav not to hurt Ranbir, she really loves him. Aarav gets shattered and loads the gun. Ragini is stunned. Neil asks him to leave the gun.

Neil and Ragini pacify him. Aarav says I m very bad, Shilpa does not love me, whatever I wanted since childhood, I did not get anything. He says he failed to become a good son, brother and a good BF. He says I m sorry and I need to go. Ragini says he is her world. Aarav apologizes to her. Ragini says he can prove himself, he has his life. Babu Bhai comes and hurts Shilpa. Aarav is shocked and aims gun at the don. Babu shoots Aarav and Shilpa comes in between. Babu is shot in his hand by Aarav and his goons take him away. Aarav holds Shilpa in his arms and breaks down, while Ranbir looks on shocked. Aarav gets arrested by the police for Shilpa’s murder, which brings a rift between Neil and Ragini? Will this big twist separate them and change things before the upcoming leap? Keep reading.






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