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Median zing spoilers



Ishita cleans the room and decorates it with flowers and scented candles. She does all this for Raman’s cousin Raj and his wife Simran. Raj and Simran like the room a lot and get impressed seeing the room. Everyone like her efforts. Raman is stunned seeing the room. Raj hugs him and thanks for his idea. Raman gets frustrated to see Ishita helping out others in romance and not caring for him. On the other hand, Subbu’s new side is shown. Subbu meets a counselor and tells how he is revengeful against the Bhallas. He says how he lost his wife Laxmi and son Karthik because of Bhallas. Now it will be tough time for Bhallas to tackle the over sweet Subbu and know his real intentions.


Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that Bhagya is Devi Maa and she will always be Devi. He scolds Chakor for trying to make Bhagya run from the temple. He asks how dare she go against them. He gets angry on Vivaan and Ragini to support Chakor. Chakor defends the kids and takes all the blame on her. Tejaswini punishes Chakor and asks Laali to make her do triple work, so that she does not get time to think. Chakor says she will free Bhagya and not lose out to Bhaiya ji.

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Dream Girl:

Laxmi does not wish to break Samar’s heart and comes to know about Sania’s liking for Samar. She plans to bring Samar and Sania close. Ayesha manipulates Karan again by emotionally breaking him. Karan gets on Ayesha’s side again and avoids talking to Laxmi. Ayesha and Laxmi open challenge each other. Later on, Laxmi is lost and Samar is trying to find her everywhere. He finds out that Laxmi and Karan left for the temple and Samar does not get her. He asks people around and calls office to know about Laxmi and Karan. This will be bringing a big twist in the show.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi had earlier thought of Pragya not loving him inspite of his attempts, now after Tanu’s child revelation wants to first express his innocence to Pragya. In the process, he ends up hurting his hand and tries much to get back Pragya’s lost trust on him. Pragya nurses his wound and feels pain for him but taunts him indirectly while cleaning the broken glass. Abhi sits in the lawn and cries holding Pragya. He is helpless in Pragya’s love and shatters knowing about Tanu’s pregnancy confirmation. He does not have any word to tell Pragya. Pragya says she will make Abhi marry Tanu. Tanu hugs Abhi and Pragya feels bad. She starts leaving and Abhi holds her hand to stop her. Pragya frees her hand and leaves. She tries to end Abhi and Tanu’s fight and unite them. She gets sad and cries going away from him.

Qubool Hai:

Sanam has returned home from Pakistan but forgot everything, and tries to remember her past. Later on, Aahil takes her to the house tour so that it will help in recalling her memory. With Aahil’s gesture, the new Sanam gets jealous and ruining Sanam’s happiness is on her mind. She highlights her position of Aahil’s wife to make herself heard. Also, she makes every possible attempt to make Sanam lose her memory forever. She takes Khala and Khalu’s help in this conspiracy against Sanam and tries hard to seperate Aahil-Sanam. So, the question is for how long the new Sanam succeeds in keeping the lovers apart.

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Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli and Anandi meet together again in the Mela. They dance Ghuman and look happy. Anandi sees Nimboli very excited and Nimboli takes Anandi to dance. Nimboli and Anandi does not know their relation. Anandi feels motherly love for her, as she sees her childhood in Nimboli. She kisses her forehead and hugs her. Nimboli meets Shivam and does not know he is her brother. Nimboli comes there with Disa, and has a great time with Shivam and Nandini. Akhiraj and his goons try to find Kamli and Gopal. Akhiraj stops Kamli and run with swords to kill Kamli and Gopal. Akhiraj will come to know about Anandi and Nimboli’s linking after years. Gopal tells Kamli that he will not let Akhiraj hurt them and succeeds to run away again.


Akshara and Bhabhimaa come closer. Akshara massages her feet and cares for her. She is troubled by the situation and wishes Bhabhimaa forgets everything. Bhabhimaa does not forget Dadda ji’s loss and can’t forgive Akshara. Akshara does not leave any chance to help Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa sleeps and does not know who is massaging her feet. Naksh plans all this and tries to bring Akshara and Bhabhimaa closer. Bhabhimaa feels Naksh is taking care of her, and Naksh sees she slept and calls Akshara to continue. Akshara feels very glad that she is with Bhabhimaa. The next track will be putting Bhabhimaa in risk, and Akshara will be saving her. This can sort their differences.


RV has accused Ishani of stealing jewelry and accumulating 40 lacs rupees. He makes an entry during Ishani’s pre-wedding rituals with Shikhar and creates bottlenecks in her marriage. Shikhar at first defends Ishani but then gets angry since she admits on the charge of stealing and he thinks it as the truth. Shikhar gets heartbroken since his trust on Ishani has gone. He asks her to leave from his sight. Ishani cries profusely and RV looks at her. Shikhar is oblivious on why Ishani has accepted the crime in her name but has swayed and became a victim of the circumstances himself. He inches closer to calling off his wedding with Ishani. Will Derwash’s role in the jewelry theft and his intentions to marry for Krisha for money’s sake to be known to Shikhar?

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Chavi is back in Rathi home. She has become a successful fashion designer in Mumbai and has come back to Pushkar. After the leap, Chavi has made her entry. She dons a new look and turns the women at home fashionable. Meenakshi’s mood turns off seeing Chavi showing tantrums and making her work. Sandhya will be getting a new mission in the show. Zakir who has got a re-entry in the show will be seen bonding with Chavi. Sandhya gets glad seeing Chavi independent and confident. With Sooraj’s hotel land getting in trouble, Sandhya will be seen identifying her weaknesses and turning them in her strength. Sooraj will be passing all hurdles in the camp by showing his team spirit and Bhabho’s values, which will be making him high in Aditi’s eyes.

Sooraj is determined to fulfill his dreams and goals:
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Aarav aims gun at Ranbir and says is this my brother, tell the truth, I will not leave you. He says he is jealous of me, everything is over, the goons can come anytime and shoot me. Neil and Ragini ask him to calm down, Ranbir is his brother. Ragini asks him to put the gun down, no need to feel guilty for anything, she forgives him for everything. Aarav says he wanted to become an engineer, what did Ranbir make him, he has given this gun in my hand. Shilpa asks Aarav not to hurt Ranbir since she really loves him. Aarav gets shattered and loads the gun. Ragini is stunned. Neil asks him to leave the gun. Aarav says I m very bad, Shilpa does not love me, whatever I wanted since childhood, I did not get anything. He says he failed to become a good son, brother and a good BF. He says I m sorry and I need to go. Ragini says he is her world. Aarav apologizes to her. Ragini says he can prove himself, he has his life. Babu Bhai comes and hurts Shilpa. Aarav is shocked and aims gun at the don. Babu shoots Aarav and Shilpa comes in between. Babu is shot in his hand by Aarav and his goons take him away. Aarav holds Shilpa in his arms and breaks down, while Ranbir looks on shocked.

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Dadi taunts Suhani for turning the home into office and scolds her for making her grandsons work. Suhani tells Pratima that she will not get in Dadi’s words and will do what she decided. She gets Yuvraaj on her side and influences all others to work. She motivates them by keeping Dada ji’s memorable cycle in the office. Suhani makes a new budget and asks the family to go accordingly. Dadi yells on Suhani for making them live a middle class life. Suhani tells her that she is doing this to save Birla empire. Suhani is making every possible try to run the business. She thinks her tries will make everyone realize Dada ji’s hardships and dreams.


Shlok makes another plan to win Astha, by showing her the true side of Indrajeet. He thinks to frustrate Indrajeet to the core that he bursts out his anger and also spit the truth that Astha is Shlok’s wife, and not Barkha Sarkar. Shlok and Astha become friends and start sharing things. He meets Astha accidentally again and drops her home. Indrajeet fumes seeing them. Shlok makes Astha knowing her choices. Astha thinks Indrajeet is giving her surprises and later Apsara/Kamla discloses her about Shlok. Astha thinks why is she getting attracted to Shlok, and feels she is being wrong in going against her marriage.


Kabir has succeeded to win the exclusive rights to cover the painting exhibition of Bhavna shroff with whom he shares cordial and very informal relationship. His charm has worked wonders and also paved the way to have an upper hand again at KKN news channel. Ananya is jealous with Kabir’s bonding with Bhavna and also cannot see him giving work to Richa instead of her. The painting exhibition coverage is important for Kabir and he thus assigns it to Ananya but she declines. KKN is at number 1 position and Kabir is in tussle mode with Manav who had presented the Mahi’s story. But the challenge for Kabir is to convince Ananya and make her work as per his thinking. Will Ananya decide to get back to Kabir again and work under him ?



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