Chakor and Arjun team up to free Bhagya in Udaan



Bhagya is being punished and cries as Girja puts hot oil on her hand. Chakor looks on shockingly and raises her voice to save Bhagya once again. She asks the woman to stop torturing Bhagya. She becomes her savior and saves Devi from being tortured and hurt. Actually Chakor comes to the temple and sees Bhagya’s crying. She immediately shouts at the woman to stop torturing Bhagya. This will not go well with Thakur as she has raised her voice against him, so she will be punished. One thing is sure that until Chakor is with Bhagya, no one can harm her.

Later on, Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that Bhagya is Devi Maa and she will always be Devi. He scolds Chakor for trying o make Bhagya run from the temple. He asks how dare she go against them. He gets angry on Vivaan and Ragini to support Chakor. Chakor defends the kids and takes all the blame on her. Tejaswini punishes Chakor and asks Laali to make her do triple work, so that she does not get time to think. Chakor says she will free Bhagya and not lose out to Bhaiya ji. Will Bhagya get justice by Chakor and Arjun’s help? Keep reading.


Keep reading.



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