Shikhar feels shattered with Ishani’s confession on theft, and takes the truth ‘as it appears’


Shikhar and Ishani

Ishani and Shikhar’s marriage preparations are facing turbulent times with RV’s accusation of Ishani having stolen jewelry and accumulated 40 lacs rupees. RV makes an entry during Ishani’s pre-wedding rituals with Shikhar and makes the charge upfront. Shikhar at first defends Ishani and wants to know the truth from her. He gets into agitated mode when she admits on the charge of stealing. He gets into believing the truth ‘as it appears’. Shikhar is shattered and also heartbroken since his trust on Ishani has diminished. Thus, he asks her to leave from his sight.

Soon after, Ishani cries profusely and starts to leave Shikhar’s home. This makes RV feel pity for Ishani as she is leaving. Shikhar is oblivious on why Ishani has accepted the crime in first place but has swayed and became a victim of the circumstances himself. He inches closer to calling off his wedding with Ishani. Ishani were having doubts earlier on why RV has trashed Derwash and her acceptance of theft could be interconnected with it. The larger questions are two-fold: Will RV clear his misunderstanding on Ishani: That she is not after money ?; Will Derwash’s role in the jewelry theft and his broader intentions to marry for Krisha for money’s sake to be known to Shikhar & his family ?




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