Bhaiya ji turns Bhagya’s devotees as his Bandhua in Udaan




Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini plan to make the village people bandhua by making them feel the need of preaching the deity. He uses Bhagya’s Devi avatar and tells the villagers to get the chance to mete Devi and do her aarti by bidding an amount. The villagers become great devotees of Devi Maa and agree to Bhaiya ji just to take blessings from Devi. Though they don’t have money to bid, Bhaiya offers them loans and starts making them bandhua again. While Kasturi is wishing to free Chakor, she gets worried for the villagers. Chakor informs this to Arjun and he heads back to Lucknow to seek help from any NGO. He promises Chakor that he will be coming back soon.

Arjun and Chakor get disheartened after Ishwar refuses to help them. Chakor tells Arjun that she still trusts Ishwar and he can never do anything wrong. Ishwar secretly goes to meet someone and has some motives, unknown to Bhaiya ji and even Ishwar’s family. Chakor realizes that Ragini is believing Bhagya to be Devi and has gone to temple to meet her. Chakor and Vivaan rushes there. Chakor says she will proof that Bhagya is not any Devi. Will Chakor succeed in doing so and stopping villagers from getting bonded? Keep reading.


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