Shocking: Ishita caught in earthquake debris in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mhbtn2


Trouble never ends for Ishita and Raman. Ishita saves Adi from the fire and suddenly an earthquake comes. Another disaster in Ishita’s life has shaken her up. She senses the building getting affected and hears the residents chaos. Ishita’s love wins over Shagun, who has risked Adi to get Adi and Ruhi with her. Ishita rushes Adi and Ruhi to a safe place and a pillar falls over Ishita. Ishita cries seeing the tremor affects. The building breaks down and she gets under debris. Ishita gets severely hurt. Ishita gets stuck in the debris and asks Ruhi and Adi to run away from her. Ruhi and Adi are stunned seeing her and cry for help.

Raman and the families are worried for the kids, and think how did they miss to get back the kids home. Raman says they will go to police to file missing report and get news about the fake extortion call. The twists will be giving a big shock to Raman and everyone. She has risked her life for the children. Raman will be coming to save her from this big twist. The show is bringing the Nepal’s earthquake(which was felt even in Delhi) in light and the post effects of the disaster. Will this get Bhallas in huge trouble? Keep reading.



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