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Gopi is critical in the ICU and everyone is worried for her. The doctor checks her and says she is close to her death. Kokila worries and knows Gopi will fight with her death. The doctor says Gopi has given up her wish to live her life and she can’t survive without her will. Kokila scolds Ahem and sends him to talk to Gopi, to give her a will to come back to them. Ahem regrets seeing Gopi’s critical state and apologizes to Gopi. The new twist will be bringing Gopi back to life and making things better between Ahem and Gopi. Ahem climbs the tree and look for everywhere to find Gopi’s Raksha thread. He says he can do anything to save Gopi and takes Mansi’s help.


Sandhya has got a rescue mission to save Babasa. She follows the goon’s car on a bicycle. While the car speeds up, Sandhya takes the short non uniform routes and the cycle breaks down. She tries to catch the car and gets up after numerous falls. She suspects Chander to be kidnapping Babasa. She got this info on phone and gets panicking. She determines to catch Chander and do her bahu’s duty. She wants to know the reason of Chander kidnapping Babasa.

Sandhya’s duty to protect Sooraj’s dreams begins in DABH

Doli Armanon Ki:

Urmi and Ishaan are happy with her pregnancy news and share this with their family. Everyone is happy, except Samrat. Samrat is worried and is arranging money as some blackmailer is after him. New entry James (Keith Sequeira) in the show is tackling Samrat, and James asks Samrat for 1 crore. James is overpowering Samrat by his extra cunning mind and evilness. He tries to make Samrat’s life hell. James comes home and greets Samrat and everyone. Samrat asks for some time and plans to take money from Urmi.


Adi comes to the kitchen to cook something for him and lights the match sticks. The fire broke out because of glass leakage, and Adi gets unconscious. Ishita notices the fire and rushes to the kitchen. She sees Adi lying unconsciously trapped in fire. Ishita shouts and tries to wake him up, but in vain. She tries to set off the fire with water, but couldn’t as the fire keep on increasing. She shouts, but no one hears her screams. Ishita saves Adi, but needs help to come out of fire.

Shocking: Ishita caught in earthquake debris in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Tu Mera Hero:

Gulgule entertains the people at Chetan’s home and the people ask him to take the comic level higher. Gulgule realizes the times have changed and old jokes will not let him in the Kavi Sammelan. He realizes the other young poets who are doing well then him. He thinks to take Titu’s help, having encountered his humor and being impressed with him. He meets Titu and tells him that his comic sense is really great and he can explain any tough thing with his easy, sweet and humorous lines. He hires Titu with a job to be his assistant and also offer a decent amount. Titu does not accept it initially and recalls Panchi in lockup. Panchi tells Titu that she will accept her bail and sign on the papers only if Titu bails her by his hard earned money. Govind thinks Panchi did foolishness to get in jail to make Titu work. He asks Titu to open his eyes and see Panchi’ efforts to reform him. Titu agrees to Gulgule’s offers and becomes a part of the Kavi Sammelan, just to free Panchi off jail. This brings a new start in lazy Titu’s life, as his hidden talent makes him earn name and fame.

Dream Girl:

Samar makes Laxmi reach Navrang studios on time, and Karan informs Laxmi about her dad’s critical state. Laxmi tells Karan that she can’t focus and rushes to leave Navrang. She stops to give her best shot, recalling her dad’s words and her dream. Samar tries to make Laxmi jealous and acts being close to Sania. He tells Laxmi that he has started liking Sania and will soon propose her. Though Sania likes Samar, she does not want to marry so soon. She hears Samar telling his feelings for her and leaves from the place, thinking to come back to Samar later, when she fulfills her dreams and makes a good career.


Bhabhimaa tells Naitik that she can’t forget that Akshara has snatched Dadda ji from them, and if Naitik can forget this, then he also a culprit. Naksh asks Akshara why did she kill Dadda ji, and how can she do this. He says he will end ties with her and sides with Bhabhimaa. He says he hates her and Akshara can’t bear his hatred. Naksh thinks of his plan and he will unite them. He gets angry on Akshara and scolds her so much, that Bhabhimaa feels bad. Naksh comes to know they are going back to Cape Town in 5 days and wants to hurry up with intensified emotions. Akshara plays Tanpura again after a long time and the entire family sits along to hear her Ramayan narration. Naksh starts misbehaving with her, which makes Bhabhimaa scold Naksh.


Ranvir and Ishani have come together finally. They wish to meet each other and fails by their alter ego. They go in their imagination and their souls get together to express love to each other, and dance on their heart tunes. They are still away from each other. Ishani and Shikhar’s engagement party goes on. Ranvir wants to be with Ishani, and does not break his promise to Ritika. Ishani’s decision is bothering her. Ranvir talks to Ishani seeing her upset. Shikhar comes and asks Ranvir to leave, as Ishani is Shikhar’s love now.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil and Jannat get locked in the room. Aahil asks anyone to open the door. The fate has got them together in the room. Aahil calls for help. He says don’t know who has locked us and calls out new Sanam. Aahil does not want Jannat to marry Shaad. Jannat gets tensed being with him and says we are locked in this room, and what will people tell about us. He asks her to think how his wife will feel bad seeing them in a room. Aahil wanted to spend time with her and explains her that he can never leave her alone. He tries to remind her past.


Ishwar has been working with Ranjana to get proof against Bhaiya ji. He gets to know that Bhaiya ji is making bonded labor again and Ranjana does not give him any concrete proof that can make Bhaiya ji’s arrested. Ranjana plays it safe by cheating Bhaiya and also using Ishwar against Bhaiya ji so that she can rule Aazaadgunj. Bhaiya ji gets to know of Ishwar’s plans and does not make any bandhua tattoo on the laborer’s wrist. Bhaiya ji plans to kill Ishwar and Ishwar gets missing. Bhaiya ji gets arrested for his murder attempt and it has to be seen if Ishwar really dies or makes an entry again.


Simar gets ready and dances in the Teej function. She keeps the fast and waits for Prem to come. Prem has disappeared and she does not get to know his whereabouts. She dances on Silsala ye chahat ka…….. The Bharadwaj family is celebrating Teej as they are happy for Siddhant becoming fine and being with them. All the couples are together and Simar gets worried for Prem. Prem won’t be coming to Simar. Simar would be going to get Prem back by giving an Agni Pariksha


Kabir is out of jail by Nisha’s efforts. While Kabir and Nisha have realized their mutual feelings, they still have to confess love to each other. The duo meets up at home and wants to talk and spend time together, but their newly found love becomes a tongue tier. They have some awkwardness realizing their friendship has turned in love. The cousins come to their help and try to bring them closer by any way possible. They ask Nisha to admit her love to Kabir. Viraj gets to know this and find this disgusting that Nisha wants to keep her fake marriage. He senses that Nisha loves Kabir and still tries to become hurdle between them, hoping Nisha will be back to him. Sumit rages in the jail and calls up Dolly to meet him. He plans to use Dolly to get bail and trouble the Gangwals. Will Dolly fall in Sumit’s plan again or will she live him to get rotten in the jail forever?


Neil and Ragini have parted ways again, and did not think how will this affect their children again. Nishi is disturbed knowing Ragini’s decision to get away from Neil and confronts her for this step, when Ragini was giving her insight on relationships. Ragini aims to save Nishi’s marriage and asks her not to fight with Jignesh. She comes to know that Nishi is not pregnant and has been fooling Jignesh and his family. She tells Nishi to tell the truth as she is ruining her marriage this way. Nishi does not understand and wants to talk to Neil. Neil does not talk to Nishi even after knowing her good news. He does not congratulate her saying she is no more her daughter. Ragini breaks the lie to Jignesh and his family. Nishi gets more against Ragini and seeks Neil’s support.


Suhani realizes Rags has intentionally stopped Saurabh from attending the meeting with Steve. Though she has take timely help from Soumya and Krishna and managed the meeting, she tells Sharad that she has to talk to Rags and explain her. She explains them that Dadi, Rags and Menka are not plotting against Suhani, but also their own family business. She says if they succeed in failing her, then they would lose the rich status of Birlas and come on roads. She clears that she is not doing this to save her dad’s house from bank, but to protect Dada ji’s dreams. Suhani scares them by making them realize the life if they fail Suhani’s efforts and asks them to get their ways rights. Dadi imagines herself as the maid of the house, and how poor they will become if the company does not cope up from the big loss. Will Dadi support Suhani by her heart and will?


Arjun is sort of happy that Radhika stood up against him and has the caliber to keep her thoughts and proof it really work outs. He argues with her to know her more, and gets to know her belief in trust. He challenges her and sends Bonnie to frame Radhika, and prove she is cheating Birdsong by joining hands with the rival agency Samudra. Radhika falls prey in their plan, and Arjun asks her to prove how will her trust save her from this big trouble. Radhika looks up to Sam and Neil and builds trust in them by her words, and wins over Arjun yet again. Arjun starts getting swayed by Radhika’s true talent and she feels she needs to push Arjun towards a good change to make him value Sam and respect Sam’s feelings. Neil has realized his love for Sam and starts being away to control his heart. While the team has realized Neil’s feelings for Sam and Sam’s feelings for Arjun, they plan to get Neil and Sam together.



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