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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi has gone to help Pragya, but the entire family has got shocked by Pragya’s new look. Abhi does makeup to Pragya and makes her look very scary. Dadi gets scared seeing her and Abhi does this intentionally. Pragya gets Tanu in her home and hides her by the dupatta seeing Dadi. Abhi sees Tanu hiding and gives an idea to Pragya that she can sit in scary makeup to get saved from Dadi. Pragya scolds Abhi for this horrible idea. Abhi dances while she scolds him. Dadi gets 1 crore for Abhi’s concert and she asks Pragya to keep it safe. Pragya does not know where to safely keep it, and a new twist follows.


Ahem has realized his feelings for Gopi and can do anything to save Gopi. He goes to a temple after seeing Gopi fighting with death. He asks pandit to do Vrath Savitri puja for Gopi and regrets a lot for being angry on Gopi. He repents to not understand her before and does the puja’s tough rituals himself. Mansi and Meera are shocked seeing him, and support Ahem in the puja. Mansi does this by heart and turns good to Ahem. She tells Ahem to unite with Gopi and she will be going away from him for once and all.


Devika gets the shock when Saket’s truth comes out. Saket says he loves her and wants to know if Devika trusts him. Their mehendi function was going on, and Devika and her family get against Saket. Ravi has exposed Saket and shows the proof. He brings the pics and says Saket is already married. Devika cries and does not believe Saket. She did not know this before about Saket and she believes Ravi over Saket. Devika’s aunt raises a voice against Saket and stops the marriage. She says she will save Devika from MLA Saket. Saket thinks to handle the matter using his political powers. Will the bitterness between Ravi and Saket hurt Devika?

Shastri Sisters:

Kajal tries to make Minty against Anu and using the medicines to break Anu’s good image infront of Rajat. Anu reacts angrily and frustrated after consuming the medicines. Kajal thinks to add more tablets in the tea and gives Anu. Rajat gets Anu’s tea cup and Kajal worriedly stops him from drinking the tea. She goes to Minty and starts her sweetness drama. Minty tells Kajal that she is really worried for Anu, as there is something wrong with her. She defends Anu and does not fall in Kajal’s words. Anu comes home from the temple, and keeps the puja plate. Kajal plans to do something big and spills diya oil on the floor to make Minty fall. Minty falls down and gets hurt. Kajal tells her that Anu has put the oil to hurt her intentionally, as Anu hates her. Minty and Sareen ask Rajat to show Anu to a doctor.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

While Aseem was planning to make Debjani his representative and take her in the journalists conference, he gets late and finds out that Dabbu has gone with Dylan. Chadda sends some goons after Dabbu to trouble her, so that LN agrees to sell off his bungalow to him. Dylan and Dabbu spend some good time on the way and Dabbu gets glad that he is not rude to her anymore. Aseem meets them in Shimla at the conference and tries to work out his plan. Dylan obstructs Aseem, knowing about his wrong past and protects Dabbu all the while. Dabbu and Dylan come together and she realizes her strong feelings for Dylan.


Gunjan has started practicing to sing songs just like Geet and become Ranvi’s singing partner. She does not get that knack to sing well and Guru ji asks her to do what she is best at. Gunjan still tries her best to achieve her dream of singing along Ranvi. She gets jealous seeing Geet around him in the studio. Ratan understands Gunjan’s irritation seeing Deepu and thinks to find a solution to bring them closer. On the other hand, Veera and Baldev again have issues about the pind matters. Veera tells Baldev that she will help Preeto and pay the fees of Preeto’s children, till she finds some way to tackle the money lender. Baldev gets angry seeing her go against him. She tells him that he did not deserve to be a sarpanch, which hurts Baldev’s ego. Veera and Baldev again set their different opinions.


Sandhya is disturbed by Chander’s growing warnings and seeks Zakir’s help in solving the land dispute case legally. Chavi starts seeing her life partner in Zakir, after knowing his broad mentality and clean thoughts. Zakir defends Chavi and tells Meenakshi that Chavi has all good qualities a guy would wish and the man will be very lucky. The kabaddi team conspires against Sooraj, when he is elected as the captain. The coach Mahendra teaches them wrong tactics of the game, which Aditi and the team are not aware of. The team goes for the first match and the team decides to play as the coach taught them. They do not know they could disqualify by such moves, and badly suffer in the match. They lose in the match and everyone in the team starts blaming Sooraj for the defeat. They call him selfish to just play for himself and some differences get between Sooraj, Avinash and others. Mahendra uses this in his favor.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Among all the hurdles and difficult situations, Thapki still finds a reason to smile, that’s by her family support. Just before the wedding, Thapki speaks her heart out and tells what her family means to her. She does not know about Diwakar and his family taking huge dowry from her family on pretext of neglecting her stammering problem. Aditi clicks Thapki’s pics and sends to Diwakar. He gets angry seeing Thapki and can’t get over his friend’s taunts on her stammering. He loses his cool and she starts bothering him. His dad Mishra takes him to the mandap saying just Krishnakant can help them financially. Thapki and Diwakar are going to get married and she is thankful to him for coming in her life. Diwakar refuses to marry her in the mandap and a big scene is created. Thapki sits in shock bearing the humiliation and seeing her parents shattered.


Shlok has challenged Indrajeet that he will be spending Astha’s birthday in his way and he can’t stop him. A worried Indrajeet gets some goons to stop Shlok and also keeps CCTV cameras at home. He does not let Astha go anywhere and also makes her busy in cooking lunch for her friends. Shlok, Apsara, Chowksi and Manya plan to get Astha out of her home, by using her concern for her newly found friend Shlok and also Indrajeet’s kids. Indrajeet fails to keep Astha at home and she meets Shlok being curious to meet him, after knowing he will be going away for few days. Astha and Shlok celebrate her birthday and he makes it a memorable one for her. Indrajeet’s anger goes high and Shlok determines to make Indrajeet blurt out the truth. Astha will be soon getting to know about Indrajeet’s first wife Barkha’s death and how he has fooled her.

Gulmohar Grand:

A new story this week will be on few evil revengers, who want to do a blast in Gulmohar Grand to kill the rich businessman and politicians. The duo plans to enter Gulmohar and place the explosives, having all the info about the upcoming business meet in the hotel. Annie speaks out the secret that she is the hotel owner, in her drunk state. Teeshay and Tina do not take it seriously. Annie dances in good mood and brings out her hidden lovely side, which Neil witnesses. He gets mesmerized seeing her rocking cool avatar. Anirudh, Ronnie and Neil got a new task to save the hotel from the evil duo.

Mystery on Annie’s identity to be revealed:
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Sadda Haq:

PKC is unable to reach ASR and also not in a position to convince him in rejoining FITE. Sanyukta gets help from prof. PKC and goes on the trail to find ASR and takes the chance. At first, Randhir couldn’t find Sanyukta but then reaches her and provides support in the search. During the search process, Randhir & Sanyukta face goons who are presumably related to Ragini (estranged brothers & their men). They recognize Randhir from FITE and tries to overpower him. In this difficult situation of Sandhir, ASR finds them in a fix and now the ball is in  his court to either offer his help or to leave them in despair.  Thus, the question is, Will ASR come forward to help Randhir & Sanyukta in the time of need ? Also, whether ASR show some glimpses of himself being a genius, so that Sanyukta’s believe comes out true.

Will #ASR help #Randhir and #Sanyukta during their time of need? Or will he disappoint them? Watch #SaddaHaq to find out!

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LD still regards his relationship with Radha as namesake couple, and asks Radha to behave like a guest. There is a special prayers function at LD’s home and Radha attends it with much fervour. She gives a fitting reply to LD by reminding him that she is the owner of the house and not a mere guest. Moreover, the home belongs to her and she is going to follow the rules and principles there. She compels LD to cooperate with her by holding his hand during the special prayers. Radha believes on making a rooted place in LD’s house and is determined to win his heart too. On another front, Kabeer understands Radha very well, and knows she is behaving differently in Mathura. Will he come to know of LD and Radha’s relationship of being a married couple, and their current separation ?

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Piya Rangrezz:

Bhanvari Devi’s new ploy against Shraddha is underway. She wants to make sure Sher sees Shraddha going out to meet someone with help of Mama’s goons. It turns out that Sher is caught by the goons and Shraddha appears in front of him.  Bhanvari Devi also makes an entry to rescue Sher, in an enacted drama. Bhanvari Devi goes to accuse upfront Shraddha on trapping her son in order to kill. After making that accusation, she warns Sher in her strong voice that anyone who tries to separate the mother-son duo will pay a big price, and goes on to point gun at Shraddha. She then finds a goon in sniper position shooting at Sher and comes to defend her son by taking the bullet on her arm. Sher Singh gets worried with his mom getting hit when she came to his defence. While Bhanvari Devi is making calculated moves in her power driven style of functioning and wants to control her son, but on other other hand  is Sher’s love for Shraddha. Bhanvari Devi wants both power and son, and had already tried to frame Shraddha in bad light with sleeping pills making her fall asleep close to Virat. Who is going to take upper hand: powerless love or power-driven motherly love ?

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Ye Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman is shattered and in tears knowing about Ishita caught under the debris and panics. Abhishek pacifies him. Few family members come there to find Ishita and console a worried Raman. Raman asks Abhishek to call the rescue team asap. The rescue team dealing with disaster and trauma situation reaches the spot along with medical support. The people are rescued and Raman waits anxiously to see Ishita. Raman himself starts moving off the stones and debris to see Ishita’s glimpse. He worries for her safety. The kids cry and Ruhi asks Shagun to back off. She tells Adi how Ishita saved him and Shagun has escaped from the fire to save herself. Adi is stunned and loses trust on Shagun. Shagun will be going off from the show for a while, and will return with new twists after Ishita and Raman’s track. Raman gets relieved after Ishita getting rescued and immediately rushed to provide requisite medical help for overcoming injury and trauma.


  1. why another upcoming twist in kumkum bhagya??? people will gone mad if the problem continues. why writers do this to us? Arghhh! Dammit!


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