Anu badly falls in Kajal’s evil trap in Shastri Sisters

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Kajal tries to make Minty against Anu and using the medicines to break Anu’s good image infront of Rajat. Anu reacts angrily and frustrated after consuming the medicines. Kajal thinks to add more tablets in the tea and gives Anu. Rajat gets Anu’s tea cup and Kajal worriedly stops him from drinking the tea. She goes to Minty and starts her sweetness drama. Minty tells Kajal that she is really worried for Anu, as there is something wrong with her. She defends Anu and does not fall in Kajal’s words. Anu comes home from the temple, and keeps the puja plate. Kajal plans to do something big and spills diya oil on the floor to make Minty fall. Minty falls down and gets hurt. Kajal tells her that Anu has put the oil to hurt her intentionally, as Anu hates her. Minty and Sareen ask Rajat to show Anu to a doctor.

Kajal has been stooping much lower by every day. She has started drugging Anu. Though Anu is being angry on Minty and started arguing with her on petty issues, Sareen believes Anu is not bad at heart. He spots Anu going to Minty’s room and thinks what might be the reason. Later, Kajal tells him that Minty is unconscious and Anu would have tried to kill her. Sareen gets worried and rushes to check Minty. Minty does not wake up and they rush her to the hospital. Kajal makes Sareen against Anu, so that Sareen kicks Anu out of the house. Anu tells Sareen that she did not do anything and does not remember. Kajal conspires to prove Anu mad and unfit to be living with them. Will Anu get saved by Kajal’s evil plans? Keep reading.



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