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Dansh and Dakshak make a deal with Rudra that he will be freeing Bhairavi if he gets the third book for the Naags, which is placed under the Kalash that could be lifted by Garuda head. Rudra agrees and Dansh brings Bhairavi in unconscious state. Rudra heads with the Naags and goes inside the tunnel being helpless to unite the Garudas. He lifts the kalash and gets the third book of Amrit’s secrets. Bhairavi gets conscious and disappears from Naags clutches and reaches Rudra. She hits the ground by her stick and everything falls apart. Dansh doubts Shivanand for cheating with Naags, and Shivanand asks Dansh to keep his trust on him. Rudra and Bhairavi leave with the third book. Rudra is angered on how Shivanand has stood against him. Bhairavi pacifies him and tells him that this is part of fate in the Mahakumbh, and destined to happen. She asks him to control Shivanand. Rudra goes to Shivanand and Tiwari asks Shivanand to step back as he will be fighting with Rudra. The other Garudas fight with Rudra. Rudra defeats all the Garudas to tackle Shivanand’s poison.


Ahem gets glad that Gopi has come out of her coma and is stable now. He apologizes and thanks her. He gets the food for Gopi and wanted Gopi to have it. Kokila finds the food spicy and scolds Ahem for bringing such spicy food for patient. Ahem asks Kokila for Gopi’s hand and Kokila refuses. Gopi gets moved by Ahem’s words and convinces Kokila to say yes. Ahem lifts Gopi and takes the wedding vows around the small diya. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and takes the wedding rounds. They get married again in the ICU. Meera has done a big mistake and regrets. She cries and apologizes to Ahem. Ahem’s love and trust have made Gopi fine.

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Simar slaps Prem after knowing about putting her at stake. She asks how did he do this. We have written before about Prem and Rajveer’s dice game, similar to Mahabharat and losing Simar. Simar gets angry on him and says her mangalsutra was her pride, which became a neck rope now. Prem feels her anger is justified as he has ended her trust and love. Simar says she is not any thing to put at stake. Prem apologizes to her an admits his mistake. Simar does not forgive him and ends ties with him.


The family dances together along with Krishna and Soumya. They dance on Amitabh’s song Khaake Paan Banaras wala…. The family is super happy as Sharad decided to end the tension and bring a light moment. Sharad plays the song and thinks there will be some miracle once the family thinks about the problem in calm mind. Saurabh and Rags too dance on the tune. Pratima smiles seeing her family united. Yuvraaj hugs Suhani and they have an eyelock. They did not get Dada ji’s cream, formula. But Suhani will be getting it soon and saving Birla empire.


Shikhar organizes a masquerade in his sangeet and situation arises that Ishani gets to dance with Ranvir. Ranvir suspects that Ishani’s life is in danger and it doubts it to be Devarsh. Ishani is starting a new life with Shikhar, and still holds love for Ranvir. A goon comes in the party and Ranvir keeps an eye on him, to safeguard Ishani. The hatred between Ranvir and Ishani will end, when Ranvir’s true feelings come in the open. Ranvir saves Ishani from that goon and does not let him attack Ishani.

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Bhabhimaa has forgiven Akshara finally. All this happened by Naksh’s efforts. While Akshara and Naitik were leaving, Bhabhimaa stops her calling her bahu. She apologizes to her for misunderstanding her for 10 years and keeping her away from the family. Bhabhimaa reaches the airport and asks them to come back home. The emotional moments come between them. Naksh and Naira get glad, that they are not going back to Cape Town. Akshara asks Bhabhimaa not to apologize and thanks her for forgiving her. Naksh’s planning has succeeded and Naitik gets impressed by him. Naitik says Naksh has done the unexpected and made him proud. The Singhania family completes and they get back home happily. Maheshwaris also get happy when Akshara visits Rajshri and tells Bhabhimaa has forgiven her. Maheshwaris get glad and dance along with Akshara and Naitik.

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Jamai Raja:

DD is invited in the award function. Sid, Roshni and Shiv also come there. DD gets the cola drink by Kesar and she gets under the affect of wine. She faints and Roshni and Sid take her. Roshni asks DD to come alone and DD resists. She shows her light side. The media confronts DD and Roshni answers them. She defends DD and praises her. Sid becomes DD’s support. DD comes back in the function when the effect gets less. Shiv lifts DD and takes her to the stage. Roshni gets glad seeing Shiv and DD together. Shiv makes DD receive the award and gives the thank you speech on her behalf. Sid sits worried that where will DD and Shiv’s togetherness result to.

Qubool Hai:

New Sanam gets the party pics, and sees Aahil and Sanam looking at each other and love reviving between them. She burns Aahil and Sanam’s pics. She gets angry and sits calm looking at the fire. Aahil comes to the room and is shocked seeing the fire. He rushes to extinguish the fire and tries to save the pics. She tells Aahil that she will be keeping him away from Sanam and he is just hers. Aahil burns his hands to put off the fire and scolds her. Aahil has to choose between Sanam or the new Sanam. The twist will be showing true love winning over all.


Sooraj gets a surprise when his family comes to meet him. Ved hugs Sooraj and is proud of his dad. Sandhya asks Sooraj for his autograph as he is the captain of the team. Sooraj acts romantic and kisses her hand, saying he does so for his every fan. She starts arguing being jealous of his new female fan following. She finds him nervous and asks him to stay strong. She inspires him. Ved plays with Sooraj. He says its do or die situation, gets tensed that the match will be starting soon. Sandhya and Ved motivate him for victory. Sandhya meets Aditi and bonds with her. Aditi asks the team to get well prepared for the match. Aditi will be falling in love with Sooraj in the upcoming track.

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Shastri Sisters:

Kajal has been stooping much lower by every day. She has started drugging Anu. Though Anu is being angry on Minty and started arguing with her on petty issues, Sareen believes Anu is not bad at heart. He spots Anu going to Minty’s room and thinks what might be the reason. Later, Kajal tells him that Minty is unconscious and Anu would have tried to kill her. Sareen gets worried and rushes to check Minty. Minty does not wake up and they rush her to the hospital. Kajal makes Sareen against Anu, so that Sareen kicks Anu out of the house. Anu tells Sareen that she did not do anything and does not remember. Kajal conspires to prove Anu mad and unfit to be living with them.

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Piyali throws a success party for getting the big Maybelline NY account. Sam has known about Neil’s feelings for her and takes a step back from Arjun, being a loyal friend to Neil. Neil ignores Sam to end the awkwardness between them. Sam still makes Neil reach her by lying about her dizzy state. She asks Neil to give her some time and also not let any odd factor come between. Sam and Neil get together in the party and dance on a romantic number in the party, while Arjun gets irked to not break them, all thanks to Radhika. Arjun and Radhika are at loggerheads, where she always gives him lectures and tells him that she has the caliber to prove her lectures in practical way. Arjun changes his focus from Sam to Radhika, till he fails her and does her exit from Sam’s life.

Dream Girl:

Karan has realized his feelings for Laxmi and thinks to confess it to her soon, knowing she does not have any BF. He buys flowers for her and heads to her home. He is not aware that Ayesha is going there too. Samar tells Laxmi that he does not love Sania and was just making her jealous. He proposes to Laxmi again and asks her not to refuse this time. He says he has seen love in her eyes and just wants her to admit it. Laxmi does not know Raj is actually Samar Sareen, and is stopping herself from agreeing to a Samosewala’s proposal. Ayesha comes to meet Laxmi, being afraid of her growing success in Dream Girl contest. She gets stunned spotting Samar with Laxmi, and hearing Samar’s proposal for Laxmi. She realizes Samar is in love with her, and this can be more worse if Manav gives his nod to Samar and Laxmi’s relation.

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After the earthquake track, the only thing that changed in the show is Shagun. Mihir evaluates her behavioral changes and says he feels she has really learnt a lesson by this. The Bhalla family gets back to normal and has an icecream get together. Subbu will be back from London in upcoming track. While he has hidden his motives from Simmi and everyone, his motives will be slowly unfolding in Ishita’s eyes. She will have some doubt on him. Will Ishita be able to save Simmi from a wrong marriage this time?

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Aseem tells the hotel manager to make Dabbu drunk and he is reaching in some time. Dabbu gets drunk and dances. Dylan gets mesmerized seeing her. Aseem reaches the hotel and takes the room keys, thinking to work out his plan. On the other hand, LN slaps Chadda and kicks him out of his home. Chadda plans revenge on him by hurting Dabbu, so that LN cries blood tears and pays for the slap. Dylan gets Dabbu to his room and makes her rest. Aseem can’t figure out Dabbu and loses out to Dylan, who saves Dabbu unknowingly.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki reaches the News 365 office and goes to the reception. She tells the lady that she has got the trainee post. The lady asks her for the appointment letter, which fell on the way by Thapki’s nervousness. Thapki looks for it in her purse and does not get it. She stammers and tries to manage the situation, when Dhruv makes an entry in the office. He gets the letter and gives it to Thapki. She gets glad meeting her idol Dhruv, whom she has always dreamt to meet. Dhruv gets helpful for Thapki in the office and also motivates her, in spite of her stammering problem.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi:

Shreya is at her dumbness again and breaking the Pethawala family by her foolish ego. Shreya gets the tiffin just for Bhushan in office, while he asks the driver to get everyone’s tiffins. Vinati gets the tiffin for Amar and everyone. Shreya gets angry and asks her why did she do this to show her down. She argues and while Vinati defends, Sherya does not understand and pushes her. Shreya says Vinati always comes to take the good bahu credit and misunderstands her. The men witness this and worry for the big rift between the bahus. How will Trilokchand unite his family by love?

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Nishi’s married life going through difficult time, first she lied to her in-laws and her mom Ragini told the truth to her in-laws and she felt humiliated henceforth. Later, she got some good news about her pregnancy from medical report but her happiness going to be short-lived. Ragini gets a shocker to learn from doctor that Nishi can never be able to conceive a child. Ragini decides to tell the truth to Nishi irrespective of the outcome as she can’t let her daughter stay in oblivion. Nishi and Jignesh will be shocked with the shattering news. Jignesh’s family start behaving indifferently with Nishi, and its consequences might effect Nishi and Jignesh’s marital life. While Neil and Ragini separation story is a reality but it has to be seen whether similar fate holds for Nishi and Jignesh. Neil knew of Nishi’s pregnancy from Aagam but have decided to only focus on his children: Aagam, Suhani in US. Will Nishi decide to contact her dad Neil and seek help for saving her marriage?

KumKum Bhagya:

Dadi gets 1 crore for Abhi’s concert and she asks Pragya to keep it safe. Pragya does not know where to safely keep it, and a new twist follows. Tanu suggests Pragya to steal the money and tell Dadi that she has stolen the money so that she can buy property by it. She asks Pragya to fall in Dadi’s eyes so that she can rise in Dadi’s eyes. Tanu says Dadi will make her the bahu soo and asks Pragya for this favor. Pragya does not know what to do and agrees to Tanu. Tanu gets a way to kick out Pragya from home. The new track will be Tanu dominating Abhi’s home and sending off Pragya away.



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