Sooraj strives hard to fulfill ‘Vedansh’ dreams in Diya Aur…

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diya aur

Sooraj gets a surprise when his family comes to meet him. Ved hugs Sooraj and is proud of his dad. Sandhya asks Sooraj for his autograph as he is the captain of the team. Sooraj acts romantic and kisses her hand, saying he does so for his every fan. She starts arguing being jealous of his new female fan following. She finds him nervous and asks him to stay strong. She inspires him. Ved plays with Sooraj. He says its do or die situation, gets tensed that the match will be starting soon. Sandhya and Ved motivate him for victory. Sandhya meets Aditi and bonds with her. Aditi asks the team to get well prepared for the match.

The coach Mahendra teaches them wrong tactics of the game, which Aditi and the team are not aware of. The team goes for the first match and the team decides to play as the coach taught them. They do not know they could disqualify by such moves, and badly suffer in the match. They lose in the match and everyone in the team starts blaming Sooraj for the defeat. They call him selfish to just play for himself and some differences get between Sooraj, Avinash and others. Mahendra uses this in his favor. Aditi will be falling in love with Sooraj in the upcoming track. Will Sooraj be able to achieve his dreams? Keep reading.



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