Anu yearns for Rajat’s support; Astha to frame Rohan in Shastri Sisters



Sareen asks Anu to go doctor and get her checkup done. Anu agrees knowing about what happened with Minty. Sareen’s trust on Anu breaks and his worry increases. Anu goes to the doctor and undergoes blood tests to know about her headaches and irritating behavior. Sareen tells Kajal that Anu has gone for checkup. Leela tells Kajal to rush there, as Anu’s blood reports will have the drugs info in it. Kajal disguises as the nurse and goes to the hospital. She changes Anu’s blood reports. Anu receives the fake reports and doctor tells her that all her reports are normal.


Sareen gets clueless of Anu’s behavior and scolds her. Anu tells him that she will not come out of her room and lock herself, so that she does not harm anyone. She waits for Rajat to come back. On the other hand, Rohan gets an interview call and goes to meet the boss. He is called in a hotel room for meeting and gets shocked seeing Astha there. Astha tries to get close to Rohan and take the revenge of the insult she faced, when Rohan pushed her away and made her leave the house. Astha plans to frame Rohan and separate him from Alka. Will Astha and Kajal succeed in troubling the Shastri Sisters? Will Alka and Anu fight back the evil planners? Keep reading.



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