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Median zing spoilers


Baldev and Veera get against each other in Preeto’s matter. Veera does not understand why Baldev is bringing their rivalry in between the matter. Baldev tells Veera that he will not let her win and talks to the panchayat. They decide not to help Preeto. Veera gets saddened and comes to know about the money lender making indecent requests from Preeto. She slaps the man and challenges him that she will get Preeto’s land back from him, by exposing his true face. The man also decides to make Baldev kick out Veera from the pind, being sure of Baldev and Veera’s broken relation. The money lender goon tries to harm Veera for going against him. Veera tries to sell the harvest directly in markets to help Preeto’s financial problems, and stops Preeto from agreeing to money lender’s dirty tricks. Baldev gets to know about money lender’s attempt to hurt Veera, and he takes a stand to help Veera and Preeto.

Gunjan to plot against Geet; Baldev to support Veera


Shlok has been being humble to not take Indrajeet’s children’s help. He does not wish to hurt their sentiments or break their relation with Indrajeet. Astha starts thinking on her memory loss and she has just believed the facts told by Indrajeet, which can’t be true. She feels Indrajeet has told her what he wants, and though his love looks true, she still gets doubt on him. Shlok plans to meet Astha. Indrajeet hurries with the marriage date and Astha unwillingly agrees, thinking not to spoil her 10 year old marriage. Astha acts obedient to Indrajeet just to get some real facts from him. Astha gets to know about real Barkha, and confronts Indrajeet about his big lie. As the show is going towards the closure, the story is moving fast with Astha’s memory coming back and her union with Shlok.

Fine Farewell to IPKKND2


After losing Simar to Rajveer, Prem gets helpless. Rajveer holds Simar’s hair and drags her upstairs, while Prem tries to stop him. Rajveer humiliates Simar. Maya also tries to stop Rajveer. It is an insult of a women like they were insulted in Mahabharat. Once again, a woman is insulted by man. Simar’s respect is at stake. Prem loses Simar to Rajveer in gambling. He is responsible for Simar landing in trouble. Mata ji is pleading infront of Mausi ji and asks her to leave her house’s respect. Mausi ji turns deaf ears. When Maya intervenes, Rajveer controls Maya with his naag mani. Mata ji aks Prem to do something, how can he see his wife’s respect at stake. She comes to know about Prem losing Simar in the game and slaps him. She beats Prem for doing this and shed tears in helplessness. Prem realizes his mistake and says he will make things fine. There will be a twist with Sayantani Ghosh’s entry.

Prem loses Simar to Rajveer; Mata ji shatters being helpless in Sasural Simar Ka


Suhani and Yuvraj come out to have icecream at the road side stall and feel something is between them. She insists to have the ice gola and makes Yuvraaj eat it too. He rejoices it and makes the ice gola himself. He asks the vendor to allow him to make one and tries his hand. Suhani gets glad seeing his efforts. Yuvraaj wants to make her mood well and makes her smile. Suhani gets happy for sure and enjoys gola on the street with Yuvraaj. They look in each other eyes romantically. Yuvraaj is in love with Suhani and makes golas for his lady love. His gesture makes Suhani overwhelmed with emotions. Suhani gets vomiting there after having the gola and he gets worried for her health. He gets the aid box from the car and asks her to have tablets. He cares for her and takes her home.

Jamai Raja:

Sid’s friend Misha has come from abroad and meets him. Roshni sees Sid talking to Misha and giving her a bouquet. She gets jealous as she can’t see Sid with someone else. Misha is upto something. It was Simran and Krutika’s plan as they called Misha to create rift between Sid and Roshni. Misha is Sid’s adolescence crush. Simran decides to separate Sid and Roshni for once and all. Misha tries to woo Sid with her beauty and past remembrance.

Actress Sumona Chakravarti, who portrays the role of Mrs. Bittu Sharma aka Manju, is portraying the role of Misha. Sumona’s Wikipedia page and Twitter page.

Sumona Chakravarti as Misha in Jamai Raja
Sumona Chakravarti as Misha in Jamai Raja

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Simmi’s marriage preparations have started and Ishita is not happy from her heart. Ishita gets to her best work of spying, as Raman calls her Jagga Jasoos. She thinks of Subbu’s story being different of what she came across. While Sujata tried to convince Ishita by a different story and Ishita apologizes to her. Ishita does not get sure about Subbu and thinks to find out about his first marriage and Laxmi’s death. Subbu will be coming back from London in the upcoming track. Raman asks Ishita not to overthink. Ishita does not confide in him about Subbu’s psychiatric treatment. Raman pulls Simmi’s leg about her marriage and Ishita sees them happy, and does not wish to ruin their happiness. She gets concerned for Simmi.

Ishita to spy on Subbu to secure Simmi’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ahem expresses his love to Gopi, by adorning her with jewelry, floral bands and makeup. He makes her ready in the ward, and gives her the feel that she is absolutely fine. He makes her glad and fulfills her wish after 10 years. Gopi dresses as the bride and thanks Ahem for his love. Gopi holds this moments as Ahem has accepted her by heart. He applies sindoor to Gopi and she gets touched. All the annoyance has gone from his heart and the love which he suppressed for years come to the core. He apologizes to Gopi and hugs her. Gopi cries and unites with him. Happy time has finally come for Gopi and Ahem.


Bhabhimaa regrets to lose so many years of togetherness in her anger. She brings Akshara and Naitikk back home. She asks Naksh to do the arrangements of his parents’ marriage and they plan to make it a secret for the couple. They lie to Akshara about Ananya’s marriage and sends her to Maheshwari house. Varsha and Jasmeet make Akshara ready as the bride and Akshara gets puzzled seeing the heavy costume. Naksh tells Bhabhimaa that he will manage everything and make Akshara and Naitik’s moments special. They will live all the memories and also make new memories in the house, when Bhabhimaa will do her bahu’s Grah Pravesh in grand way.


Kabir knows about Radha and LD’s marriage and thinks Radha has betrayed and lied to him many times. Although he had given time to her to say the truth. He gets jealous seeing their concern for each other. He cleverly makes her sign on the revised contract of 5 film deal with him. Although Shivani asks Radha not to sign without reading the contract, but Radha signs it in a hurry as she was concerned for Jhanvi. Kabir thinks the clauses in the contracts is his reply to her many lies. He thinks he can’t let Radha leave him for LD, and binds her with the contract. He is going to turn negative soon and will show his possessive nature towards Radha infront of them. Radha will be shocked knowing Kabir’s trap for her.

Shastri Sisters:

Sareen asks Anu to go doctor and get her checkup done. Anu agrees knowing about what happened with Minty. Sareen’s trust on Anu breaks and his worry increases. Anu goes to the doctor and undergoes blood tests to know about her headaches and irritating behavior. Sareen tells Kajal that Anu has gone for checkup. Leela tells Kajal to rush there, as Anu’s blood reports will have the drugs info in it. Kajal disguises as the nurse and goes to the hospital. She changes Anu’s blood reports. Anu receives the fake reports and doctor tells her that all her reports are normal. Sareen gets clueless of Anu’s behavior and scolds her. Anu tells him that she will not come out of her room and lock herself, so that she does not harm anyone. She waits for Rajat to come back. On the other hand, Rohan gets an interview call and goes to meet the boss. He is called in a hotel room for meeting and gets shocked seeing Astha there.

Anu yearns for Rajat’s support; Astha to frame Rohan in Shastri Sisters


Radhika gets doubt on Bonnie about Chirag. She gets more firm when she sees Arjun and Bonnie together. She decides to get evidence from Bonnie’s home and seeks Tejh’s help. Sam blindly trusts Arjun. Arjun underestimates Neil and feels Sam will be cut off from Neil soon. He is not aware of the strong bond between Sam and Neil. Arjun stops Radhika from spying on Bonnie, which gets her thinking about Arjun’s intentions. Arjun tells Bonnie to be aware of Radhika. Sam and Neil plan to find out about the person framing Radhika. Radhika waits for Bonnie to make any mistake in her nervousness.

Balika Vadhu:

Akhiraj beats Nimboli, but Disa saves her. Akhiraj gets angry on her Disa too. Nimboli intervenes and gets beaten up again. Disa thinks to get in Devi avatar, but Chagani signs her not to get in Devi avatar as Akhiraj may suspects her. Disa feels helpless and loses her cool. She confronts Akhiraj and asks him how can he tortures Nimboli against Devi’s orders. Akhiraj gets stunned. Disa plans to send Nimboli to Anandi as she knows about her fight on child marriage. While at Jagya and Ganga’s front, Ganga brings Mannu to hospital and makes him meet Ratan Singh. Ratan Singh gets emotional meeting his son.

Nimboli and Anandi to get against Akhiraj Singh in Balika Vadhu


Kabir’s love confession to Nisha is on the cards but with some anxious moments and hesitation. With entry of Kabir’s mom Basundara, the hatred angle comes since she hates the Gangwals to the core and have enmity from the past, which is going to reflect in the present. Basundara’s presence is slowly unfolding to Gangwals. Nisha isn’t aware of Basundara’s identity and both don’t know each other but Nisha had saved her life earlier. On other hand, Kabir tries to avoid his mom since he is upset with her but their meetup could materialize as they are in same city Jaipur and also due to her connection with Gangwals. Dolly gets family support and nod to work with Saurav to realize her passion and to be independent during her pregnancy matters to her. Roopan aunty has been assigned to supervise Dolly and it has to be seen what would be her response. The question that matters now, Will Kabir succeed to confess his love to Nisha before the revelation of his mom’s hate with Gangwals comes out in open ?


The first spark of brewing feelings between Ananya and Kabir took place under unconventional setting. They find themselves locked inside a godown and their eyelock is realized thanks to her fall and Kabir coming to her support. While she feels he hates her and Kabir also in not much awe of her but it so happens that unknowingly he is coming to shoulder support and care to her. Kabir took a calculated risk to accompany Ananya for her interview with Madhav who is bracketed as a traitor. For the same reason, they are stuck with themselves where the first spark is born. Will Ananya come close to Kabir and find herself to be in awe of him to the extent of her first time feelings for him in the past ?



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