Ishita to spy on Subbu to secure Simmi’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mhbtn2

Simmi’s marriage preparations have started and Ishita is not happy from her heart. Ishita gets to her best work of spying, as Raman calls her Jagga Jasoos. She thinks of Subbu’s story being different of what she came across. While Sujata tried to convince Ishita by a different story and Ishita apologizes to her. Ishita does not get sure about Subbu and thinks to find out about his first marriage and Laxmi’s death.

With Shagun moving out of the show, Ashok will be less shown and the entire track has been shifted to Bhalla family and Simmi’s marriage preparations. Subbu will be coming back from London in the upcoming track. Raman asks Ishita not to overthink. Ishita does not confide in him about Subbu’s psychiatric treatment. Raman pulls Simmi’s leg about her marriage and Ishita sees them happy, and does not wish to ruin their happiness. She gets concerned for Simmi. Will Ishita be able to expose Subbu’s over smart plans? Keep reading.


  1. please show ishitha and Ruhi Scenes. the story base of this serial is ishitha and ruhi . please show some good scenes of them. please show some cute scnens in between these revenge and all.


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