Nimboli and Anandi to get against Akhiraj Singh in Balika Vadhu

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Nimboli speaks up against Akhiraj when Inspector comes to take his statement for Gopal’s death. Akhiraj acts innocent and tells that presumably Gopal committed suicide as he couldn’t see my daughter getting married and was in one sided love with her. Nimboli gets shocked and tells the Inspector that Akhiraj killed Gopal with his sharp sword. Akhiraj gets angry on her, and somehow manages to prove her wrong. He bribes the Inspector to shut the case against him. The Inspector informs him that one of the constable is relative of Jaipur’s DIG and may get doubtful. Akhiraj gets tensed, but is proud of his doings.

he Inspector tells Gopal’s parents that he can’t help them without any proofs against Akhiraj. Even Gopal’s friend Kailash couldn’t help them as Akhiraj threatened his family with dire consequences. Akhiraj beats Nimboli, but Disa saves her. Akhiraj gets angry on her Disa too. Nimboli intervenes and gets beaten again. Disa thinks to get in Devi avatar, but Chagani signs her not to get in Devi avatar as Akhiraj may suspects her. Disa feels helpless and loses her cool. She confronts Akhiraj and asks him how can he tortures Nimboli against Devi’s orders. Akhiraj gets stunned. Disa plans to send Nimboli to Anandi as she knows about her fight on child marriage. Keep reading.






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