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Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi and Vihaan are preparing for their honeymoon travel to Switzerland. But their plans get shortlived as they get hurdles for their travel. Bua Maa is taking revenge against Aarushi and plans to stop her travel at any cost. Later on,  Aarushi gets arrested on the charge of hit and run accident. She gets locked up inside the jail and her fate took an upside turn. Vihaan learns about her arrest and her stay in jail and comes there and unable to control himself in meeting her and shows anguish. The police drags him away and doesn’t let him meet her. Will this unfortunate incident seperate the lovers – Aarushi and Vihaan ?

Promo: 8th to 19th June
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Naitik and Akshara have gone to Cape Town to wind up their restaurant Krishna there and pack up things at home. Naksh gets glad that they will get some time to surprise them by arranging a remarriage. Akshara and Naitak romance in their free time. Naitik holds Akshara in his arms and have an eye lock and suddenly Naitik gets in romantic mood. Akshara too flows with romance seeing Naitik romantic and gets engrossed with the emotions. Naitik makes special cake for Akshara to surprise her, and makes her have it by his love. They are going to get married soon and it is going to be romance time for them again. They celebrate that they are going to their permanent residence in Udaipur and parting with Cape Town and restaurant Krishna. Bhabhimaa decides to get Naitik and Akshara remarried as per Naksh’s suggestion.

Naitik and Akshara to have a grand remarriage in Yeh Rishta…


Kokila enters home after her grah Pravesh. She is thankful to God for making her come home. Gopi brings her home and does her aarti. She gets emotional and hugs her. She feels blessed to have done her mum in law’s grah pravesh. Kokila is really lucky as Gopi is her bahu. The family does the aarti together after many years of loneliness. Everyone is happy and enjoy playing the dhol. There is a twist coming in the show, Meera decides to take revenge on Gopi, but she will soon be kidnapped, but will be eventually rescued by Gopi and Kokila.


Vidya Balan has entered the show as Ragini’s friend. She makes a special appearance to promote her film Hamari Adhuri Kahani. She will be giving her advice to Ragini on her relation with Neil. She asks Ragini to give a chance to Neil and not end ties with him, as it will be better than regretting later like before. She makes Ragini ponder over the good things in Neil and what were those qualities in him that made her fall in love with Neil, and also give a second chance to their relation. Ragini gets thinking about Neil and tells her friend that she will try to resolve the matter.


Ishita gets more clues to firm her doubt on Subbu and seeks Abhishek;s help. Vidya Balan will be seen in the show and help Ishita to get some files from his psychiatrist Aditi. Ishita comes to know that Subbu was having an affair in London, for which Laxmi has committed suicide along with her one year old child Karthik. She doubts on him as he has told a different story. Abhishek confirms about Subbu’s grey role in the chapter. While Subbu blames the Bhalla family to murder his wife, by prompting her to commit suicide, he wants to take revenge on them by marrying Simmi. Subbu tries to marry Simmi soon, and convinces Simmi for the court marriage next day. Ishita hurries and gets the proper evidence to clear the matter in everyone’s eyes. She shows the p[roof to Raman and they rush to stop the marriage in the court.


Ravi takes his friendship with Devika with sincere feelings and makes a promise to secure her future in safe hands. Saket keeps affairs with women and hides his true self with his lies and power. He gears up to marry Devika and even the marriage day has also arrived. Ravi acts upon his promise and marks his entry at the marriage ceremony and thinks on how Saket is the one who can step over other’s life and marriage. Saket comes close to Devika and hugs her with force, which makes her feel uncomfortable. His intentions are to apply force on Devika after marriage and to have the suhaagraat night on every such occasion. Saket carries his evil intentions leading to the marriage. Devika respects friendship with Ravi but also succumbs to family pressure and her Dadi Savitri for her marriage. Also, Ravi’s attempts to expose Saket and his reality falters, and succeeding is important so as to inform Devika’s family on the truth. Will Ravi with his goodness and defiant promise manage to succeed in stopping Devika’s marriage with Saket ?

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu tries hard to pass the betel leave to Gulgule and fails as Gulgule starts arguing with him and pushes him away, refusing to take the betel, even when Titu tells her that the betel has the poem in it. Gulgule does not realize its Titu and gets angry on him. He manages to recite his own poem in the round and the poem falls in Rajni’s hands. She gets the slip in the betel and shows it to Mukund and Ehsaan. Ehsaan reads it and likes the poem a lot. He praises the one who has written the poetry, which had many elements of a life cycle, in simple and humorous style. Titu is unknown of his talent. Ehsaan says the person will be having hidden talent of wonderful writing, and he should also participate in the Kavi Sammelan, as he deserves to win the contest. Will Titu participate in the contest and make his name?


Nisha and Kabir’s marriage truth revelation to Vasundara, and how it happened going to connect with Viraj. There is hate angle between Ramesh Gangwal and Vasundara while on other hand she had faced difficulties in her marriage in the Rathore’s family – Viraj’s father. As Nisha is Ramesh’s daughter, the Gangwal’s relationship with Kabir going to be revealed. Kabir strengthens his relationship with Nisha by showering her love and giving strength. Amidst this situation, the acceptance of Kabir-Nisha’s marriage by Vasundara after she gets to know of Nisha’s identity follows henceforth. Will Kabir and Nisha’s love & marriage prosper while Vasundara’s past and Viraj’s revelation cross-connection comes to forefront ?

Sadda Haq:

Sanyukta does the blast to make sure ASR stays at FITE and also with the dream team. He gets upset and stays with FITE and wants to trouble the dream team during his stay. ASR’s rationale to come to FITE has something with his past and there is a secret, which comes to the knowledge of Sandhir. The revelation of his secret known to them pushes him to punish the entire dream team. Sadda Haq is going to complete the 400 Episodes on 12th June. By that time, the renewed and refreshing love story of Sandhir going to take a big flight with a ‘passionate kiss’ for their love confession. Well, Sandhir love reunion will be soaring high henceforth and we can say Love is definitely in the air.. What will Sandhir & the Dream Team be doing to cement ASR’s support alongwith his stay ?

Sadda haq - Passionate Love Confession

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dabbu comes to know about Mehra’s suicide, and Chadda was responsible to force him to take this step. She decides not to let her dad LN bend infront of criminal builder Chadda, and records a special report of testimony against Chadda. Dylan gets glad to see Dabbu’s hardwork and promises her that he will air this report on their news channel and get Chadda punished. Dabbu thanks him and shows trust on him. On the other hand, Aseem goes to meet Chadda and assures him that he will not let the news air. Aseem gets to know Dylan’s plan and makes an eye on him. He tries to get the recording CD. Aseem acts innocent infront of Dabbu and fills her ears against Dylan, that he has joined hands with Chadda. Whom will Dabbu believe – Aseem or Dylan?

Dylan and Dabbu plan to expose Chadda to seek justice in Dilli Wali….

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya and Mantu have shared their life journey with each other. He has told her what Uma means to him, and about losing their families. She confides her sufferings after Rishi’s death and regards herself lucky to have a family. Mantu turns heroic to get beaten up by the goons to save Amaya from being hurt. She asks why did he not defend himself and he shows his concern for her. He sends her home safely so that no one questions them to be away from home together. Uma bursts her anger on Amaya for fleeing with her Mantu, and Amaya denies saying she does not know about Mantu’s whereabouts. Uma worries and leaves to find Mantu at his home. Amaya wishes to thank Mantu and know about his state, knowing he was wounded and hurt. She could not reach him and gets worried for his safety. She realizes Mantu’s goodness and her increasing worry for him, which could be love for him. The next track will be bringing Sneha back home, and how Amaya realizes her feelings for the caring and honest Mantu. The love triangle between Amaya, Mantu and Uma will be bringing twists, with Mantu falling in love with Amaya, and Uma showing her supposed rights on Mantu.

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap and Chittor’s army are facing a tough situation with Akbar’s onslaught and attack at Chittor’s fort to make entry. While Patta heads back to Chittor but long before Mughal’s army has made a stealth archway for attacking Chittor. What follows after is the ensuing battle for the chittorgarh amidst doubts about Jauhar (self-immolation of women by fire). Pratap’s confidence on Raja Jaimal and Patta’s bravery will be going to be proved with their valiant fight to defend Mewar against the Mughals.


Ishani and RV have realized and accepted their mutual love just before her Sangeet and now she cannot stay away from him and hold on to her emotions. The sangeet ceremony of Ishani and Shikhar has lurking dangers on her with RV coming forward as her savior. Around the same time, Ishani’s interests to know her mom’s murderer grows manyfold since she gets more leads on the possible suspect. While Ritika promises to hand her the video from RV about Shikhar’s home staircase, but she also tries to put efforts to conceal her presumed crime in killing Falguni and doesn’t want it to come out. Shikhar also loves Ishani and the attacks on her and the mystery man behind it is a concern for him. RV initially had tried to find the culprit by his investigation and found some clues. Will Ritika if guilty of the murder, succeed in evading her crime from Ishani and RV ?


Ananya and Kabir begin to share good vibes and feelings during their hostage situation. Kabir took a risk with his meetup with Madhav, to redeem his position and also to keep his channel’s top 1 rank, which eventually he would be going to succeed in his endeavor. Their moments of togetherness has made him learnt more about her and to some extent of her family. He is a changed person with soft stance towards her. Will they carry on and be steady in their initial warmth for each other ?

DID Super Moms:

DID Supermoms semifinals stage is set this week [6 and 7th June, Sat and Sun @ 9 PM] and 4 supermoms qualifying in the top 4 for the Grand Finale are to be chosen.
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