Dylan and Dabbu plan to expose Chadda to seek justice in Dilli Wali….



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Dabbu comes to know about Mehra’s suicide, and Chadda was responsible to force him to take this step. She decides not to let her dad LN bend infront of criminal builder Chadda, and records a special report of testimony against Chadda. Dylan gets glad to see Dabbu’s hardwork and promises her that he will air this report on their news channel and get Chadda punished. Dabbu thanks him and shows trust on him. On the other hand, Aseem goes to meet Chadda and assures him that he will not let the news air. Aseem gets to know Dylan’s plan and makes an eye on him. He tries to get the recording CD. Aseem acts innocent infront of Dabbu and fills her ears against Dylan, that he has joined hands with Chadda. Whom will Dabbu believe – Aseem or Dylan?

There has been strong feelings in Dabbu’s heart for Dylan after he has saved her from the goons in Shimla. Dylan’s mum is happy for him and Dabbu, and wishes they get together. Dylan thinks this will be a test for Dabbu’s trust, when Aseem plans to prove him wrong. Dylan and Dabbu mutally fall in love, which is not expressed to each other. Dylan promises her that he will do anything to support her. How will Dylan tackle Chadda? Keep reading.

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