Amrit Sagar Manthan to replay in final phase of Mahakumbh

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The track is going ahead towards the mega fight between the Garuda and Naags for the Amrit. The overconfident APG Rao and Grierson’s get shot by Shivanand, after a fight between them takes place. Maya has given the Naag Mani to Rudra, which has made Dansh more alert. Dansh says the Naag Mani is very important for him, and he wants Rudra before he gets his hands on Amrit. The cloud problem is still posing a great danger. Charles tells everyone that he will destroy the cloud and Shivanand tells the Garudas that its too late now and they should better try to vacate the Kumbh place and send all devotees.

An old lady refuses to leave the place and plays a significant role. Dansh and Rudra have a fight sequence in the rain. Dansh has controlled the waters in the Kumbh, and with Ganga drying, Rudra goes to confront him and asks him to release the waters. Rudra can go to any extent to save Kumbh. Rudra beats up Dansh and Dansh falls unconscious. Will this mark Dansh’s end? Keep reading.

Rudra risks all to protect the Amrit, Will he consume the poison ?
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