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The track is going ahead towards the mega fight between the Garuda and Naags for the Amrit. The overconfident APG Rao and Grierson’s get shot by Shivanand, after a fight between them takes place. Maya has given the Naag Mani to Rudra, which has made Dansh more alert. Dansh says the Naag Mani is very imp for him, and he wants Rudra before he gets his hands on Amrit. The cloud problem is still posing a great danger. Charles tells everyone that he will destroy the cloud and Shivanand tells the Garudas that its too late now and they should better try to vacate the Kumbh place and send all devotees. An old lady refuses to leave the place and plays a significant role. Dansh and Rudra have a fight sequence in the rain. Dansh has controlled the waters in the Kumbh, and with Ganga drying, Rudra goes to confront him and asks him to release the waters. Rudra can go to any extent to save Kumbh. Rudra beats up Dansh and Dansh falls unconscious. Will this mark Dansh’s end?


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Sooraj thinks to unite the team by building trust in them. He tries to wind up their hearts closer in one string and make them a team again, like before. He senses the annoyance in everyone’s heart and tries to show them that they need to play as a team, not for individual talent showcase. Sooraj explains them about playing alone in the first round, as Mahendra has asked him to score well and make the team somewhat relieve of the pressure. Sooraj tries to end their differences. Aditi shows trust in Sooraj’s capabilities. The team starts preparing for the second match and it is a challenge for Sooraj to win the match to stay in the Kabaddi tournament. The team struggles in the second match and the scores get very poor.

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Gunjan gets tensed thinking about Ranvi’s reaction when he knows that she has locked Geet in the green room. She argues with Veera for bringing Geet in their lives and closer to Ranvi. She starts blaming Veera for ruining her relation with Ranvi. Ranvi hears the conversation and gets irked by Gunjan. He scolds Gunjan for having such mindset and gets angry. Baldev sees them arguing and does not intervene. The sahukar/money lender Dilawar tries to make his image positive infront of the pind, and hides the truth of suffocating Preeto and making her slip in coma. He gets free of the police, as Preeto could not give any statement against him. Veera promises Dilawar that she will send him behind the bars. Baldev apologizes to Veera and they unite together in solving this problem.

Dream Girl:

Ayesha has succeeded in fooling Karan one more time. Karan tells Laxmi to get into the rich lifestyle, and how much necessary it is for a Dream Girl. He explains her how Ayesha is a Dream Girl and she still needs Manav as her backup. He tells her that he can become her support if she marries him, and tries to make her fall for him showing his power, influence and status. He asks her to compare him and the samosewala Raj, who does not have any status or name. Laxmi gets thinking. Samar tells Ayesha that Laxmi does not run after money, and he is sure her answer to his proposal will be yes. Ayesha manipulates him and asks him to come to cheer for Laxmi in the final round of the Dream Girl contest, along with his new found samosa club friends.

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Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya is keen to talk to Mantu once and know about his welfare. She is relieved seeing Uma taking care of him. She prays in the temple to talk to Mantu, and misses his call. They fail to talk and she gets restless. Vidya Bala’s special appearances in the telly shows haven’t ended yet. She was seen in YHM, Udaan and IKNMP and its TSM now. Vidya is giving some tips of love to Amaya in the show. Amaya is lost in thoughts and sits in the temple. Amaya does not realize she is in love with Mantu. Vidya tells her that she has seen a light of love in her eyes, and she will try to unite the lovers. She says she will complete Amaya and Mantu’s love story. Vidya says love is like a free bird, and asks Amaya to let her heart free. Every serial has an incomplete love story, the actress has got good scope for promoting the movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani (releases 12th June), which is also based on unrequited love and relationships.

Amaya starts realizing her love for Mantu:
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Ritika is playing shrewd to evade her crime of Falguni’s murder and puts Derwash as the one committing such crime. Derwash’s role in sending goons to attack Ishani and also his role in Falguni’s murder comes to the knowledge of RV. Also, it could be RV is made to believe Derwash as criminal by Ritika and it has to be seen. RV goes ahead to confront Derwash and slaps him, and Ishani comes to the defense of her cousin brother. On another front, Ritika gears up to get as much sympathy from Amba by highlighting on how RV is drifting towards Ishani. Amba falls for Ritika and thinks of making her married with RV with full rights.

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Sanju comes to stay in Maheshwari home, after having some problems in her hostel. Naksh brings her home and Nannu introduces her as Naksh’s GF, which shocks everyone. Naksh clears that she is his best friend. Rajshri allows Sanju to stay with them and be a part of the marriage functions, which is Sanju’s real reason to come to stay with them. Naitik and Akshara get a big surprise when the family takes them for their engagement. Maheshwari and Singhania family are together in the function and they have planned well for their marriage. Akshara and Naitik were confused about their plans and having heard the kids being upto something.

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Kalindi’s intentions to meet Astha got clear as even Kalindi wants to unite Shlok and Astha. She reminds Astha about her past and her marriage with Shlok. She asks Astha to recall Shlok’s true love. Indrajeet fails to get Astha as his kids become a trouble in his evil plans. He scolds the kids for celebrating their mum Barkha’s birthday and Astha hears the truth from him, about his first wife Barkha’s death and how he is dying to marry Sapna/Astha. She gets shell shocked as the happy home turns out to a cage for her. She tries contacting Shlok to know the entire truth of Indrajeet Sarkar. Astha pacifies the kids and gets to know the whole matter, how she has worked in Indrajeet’s home along with Ballu/Shlok. Astha gets glimpses of her past and Shlok promises her to free her of Indrajeet’s clutches. The show is nearing its happy end this week, with union of Astha and Shlok.


Sam has gone to meet Arjun, after Radhika and Neil were against Arjun. Neil lets her go to follow her heart and promises Sam that he will always be behind her whenever she turns to seek his friendly help. Sam meets Arjun, while Neil and Radhika stay close to her. Arjun proposes Sam to get close to his plan to taking revenge from Samrat Khanna, who cheated Nandini and made her lifeless. He wants to repeat history with Sam and make Samrat realize Nandini’s pain. Arjun’s past is shown. He was an orphan loved by Nandini, whom he regarded his only family. After Nandini’s death, Arjun determined to take revenge from Samrat, even if he has to get himself ruined in this war. Sam’s decision to accept or reject Arjun’s proposal would be surprising to see. Radhika gets angry seeing how Arjun is playing with Sam’s emotions.


Ragini accepts Laksh’s love for Swara whole heartedly. Ragini had asked Swara to accept Laksh’s love while she steps back. However Swara refuses to accept Laksh and makes it clear that she never had any feelings for Laksh. She says she can’t accept Laksh as he was Ragini’s ex fiance. Ragini informs Laksh about Swara’s birthday tomorrow. She asks him to do something to make her birthday memorable and to make her believe on his love. But, Sanskaar doesn’t want to see Laksh and Swara together and creates hurdles so they don’t come close. At first, he plans the kidnap of Ragini, who regards Laksh as her friend, and had told him no sorry and thank you between friends.

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu and Panchi get to know about the Kavi Sammelan Round 2 being held in the remand home. Titu tries to help Gulgule and pass the poetry to him, but Mukund and Rajni fail his attempt. Rajni makes the water fall on the poetry papers and Titu gets worried for Gulgule. Titu tries to pass the poetry to Gulgule by singing and dancing on the stage. Panchi dances along him and expresses her love to Titu. Golu and Cheeni also dance with him. Titu wins everyone’s heart in the Kavi Sammelan. The upcoming twist in the show will be proving Titu’s talent to everyone, when Rajni catches him red handed while helping Gulgule. Titu gets the offer to compete with the best poets and win the prize money.

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Kinjal has started plotting again against Gopi. She has become against Gopi, as she is afraid that Gopi and Pari can make her leave her Maayka. Her insecurity is making her do all these things. Her love and concern for Gopi has ended. Kinjal asks Gopi to help her in staying in Modi Bhavan. Gopi asks Kinjal to stay with Dhawal and take care of Urmila. Kinjal gets stunned and turns grey again. She adds some dish cleaning liquid in the curry to harm Gopi. Gopi comes in the kitchen and gets shocked seeing Kinjal.

Piya Rangrezz:

The intricate cross-connection of Love and Power is coming out in open with Bhanvari Devi being successful in making sure Sher ends his relationship and marriage with Shraddha. She gets recovered at the hospital but acts of being not well and critical and evades the truth from Sher, and even made a property deal with Virat’s Dadi in exchange for his life. Sher is much upset with Shraddha for meeting Virat and informs her on troubling so much that she will not like to wear mangalsutra. In essence, Sher threatens Shraddha with torture and trouble so she ends their marriage and goes away from him. Will Bhanvari Devi succeed to continue playing power games and sympathetic motherly love in separating Sher-Shraddha?


Yuvraaj pacifies Suhani seeing her worried, after everyone blames Krishna to be the thief. He suggests they can know the real culprit by the CCTV footage. They sit checking it and are stunned seeing Krishna taking the money from the drawer. Soumya shows great trust in Krishna. Suhani cries and talks to Soumya. Krishna is blamed for stealing cash from the office, when Birlas are facing the financial crisis. Suhani and Soumya do not believe the blame on Krishna. The police come to arrest Krishna, as all the evidence is against him.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

After the impactful slap by Simar in the Bharadwaj house, Rajveer gets Simar along to check whether Roli has reached her sasuraal. Aman meets him in disguise of a watchman and assists Simar in diverting Rajveer. They get saved finding door locked and frame the lies. Simar has called Roli and informed her about Rajveer coming to check her. They fool Rajveer and tell him that Roli has been away to take care of her mum.

Satrangee Sasural:

Aarushi gets arrested on the charges of hit and run case. Aarushi gets tensed while in the lock up. Her mum in laws’ get concerned for her. Vihaan comes home from USA and comes to know about Aarushi’s arrest. He gets tensed and rushes there to bail out his wife. Once he reaches there, he sees her in jail and gets restless. He tries to meet Aarushi, but is stopped by the police team. He couldn’t get her bail because of the weekend holiday at court. Aarushi’s mum in law will come to court and will get her out of the lock up. Vihaan and Aarushi will take a sigh of relief. It will soon be revealed about the person who is behind the accident. Aarushi and Vihaan will gear up for the romantic honeymoon together.


Nivedita can see the love currents between Ravi and Devika. She challenges Ravi to dance with her, when he denies about any feelings for Devika in his heart. Nivedita wants Devika to realize her love for Ravi and gets close to Ravi. Ravi and Nivedita dance in the sangeet function of Devika and Saket. Devika gets upset and jealous seeing Ravi with Nivedita. She dances with Saket on a romantic number.


Subbu has blamed Raman for selling Ananya to him for 15 lakhs. He has proved such evidences that Raman was selling his niece. Subbu has made this news reach the media channels and the Bhalla family panics, by Subbu’s evil trick which has ruined Raman’s image. They get worried. After Ishita has stopped Simmi and Subbu’s marriage, he uses the document signed by Bhallas. He takes revenge from them, after failing to marry Simmi. He spreads the news and Bhalla family gets tired answering the people. Raman gets angry seeing Simmi already upset. Raman says he will not spare Subbu. Simmi is also worried for Raman. Mr. Bhalla calms down Raman and asks him to act wise. The family believes Raman and Ishita promises them that she will sort this problem, as she has to settle scores with Subbu for hurting Simmi’s feelings.

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KumKum Bhagya:

Tanu is pestering Abhi to marry her as she is pregnant with his child. She had trapped Pragya with her great acting, She propelled Pragya to leave Abhi and gets bad in everyone’s eyes. Pragya being a humble soul, obliges to Tanu’s every sayings and decides to free Abhi from the strong relation of husband and wife. She decides to get Tanu married to Abhi and give the best gift (baby) of her life to Dadi. It will be revealed that Tanu is indeed Pregnant with producer Nikhil’s child. Nikhil confronts her and questions her decision to marry Abhi.

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Nisha’s identity of a Gangwal and Ramesh’s daughter comes to the knowledge of Vasundara – Kabir’s mom. Vasundara makes taunts at Ramesh and doesn’t want to look at her past: she regards him of ditching her for his aspirations. Nisha wears a Saree to impress her mom-in law and also makes Gulab Jamun sweets. There are some romantic moments between Nisha-Kabir as he gets much awe after seeing her in the saree, but fails to express his love. Nisha is mistaken and is not aware of Kabir’s love for her, and his love confession amidst the revelation of Gangwals to Vasundara awaits.

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Kabir and Ananya continue to be under hostage with Madhav’s armed men, and are coming close. She reminds on following him since last 8 years and has followed his work and articles. As they walk in the forest with armed men following them, it turns out that Ananya has lost her locket and informs the same to Kabir while feeling stressed. She begins to search it without giving a second thought as it is important. Kabir is caught by armed men and he shouts at Ananya asking her to stop but in vain. Madhav shoots at Ananya after thinking she is on the run. Ananya gets injured henceforth. Kabir shows his concern for Ananya and also pain. The question that comes next, Will Kabir succeed to save Ananya’s life ? How this shooting brings Ananya & Kabir more closer ?

Ananya gets shot! Will Kabir be able to save her? #ReportersKritika Kamra Rajeev Khandelwal

Posted by Sony Entertainment Television on Montag, 8. Juni 2015

Razia Sultan:

Razia is in shock seeing her family dead, but somehow holds herself up with strength. Turkan sees Razia lighting the fire light and tells Iltutmish is alive. Yaldos comes to know that Iltutmish being alive and in paralytic condition. He plans to attack Iltutmish again and give him death. Fatima asks Althunia not to leave Razia in this testing time. She asks him to make Razia cry. While Razia is mourning over her family’s death, Malik Althunia proposes her with roses. Razia is shocked at his proposal. Althunia insists her to take the roses to make her cry so that she comes out of shock. Razia looks on clueless.

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Sadda Haq:

Randhir and Sanyukta gets into confrontation and he asks her strongly on why she didn’t pick up his call. She hits back at him with intensity on how her mom was waiting for him but he didn’t turn up. Because of this she felt like she was made fun of and gets teary eyed. Randhir gets a shock after he learns her mom got brain tumour. Both look at eye other with heavy emotions after he comes to the knowledge of her mom’s health condition. The inflexion point of their love triggers with both feeling the pain, and it would lead to their love confession followed by passionate kiss. Well, Sandhir’s  love going to show more depth and understanding henceforth.

Sadda haq - Passionate Love Confession
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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi:

The Bahus (daughter-in laws) of Petha family: Shreya and Vinati are going to participate in the Petha competition 2015 (Agra) and need to run the family shop. Unlike in the past when Shreya and Vinati had a tussle and develop differences, now their father-in law and mom-in laws are showing much believe and confidence on their Bahus. They get discouragement but their in-laws support them and informs that when needed their Bahus can manage the shop as well.  and reminds them as housewives who can handle house chores much better than managing the shop. There is a responsibility on them to prove the worth of not only Petha’s family but also of every household. Will Shreya & Vinati leave aside their differences to concentrate in winning the competition to realize their self-worth and identity of every Bahu ?

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Jamai Raja

DD and Shiv are coming closer on one hand with him supporting her at the award function and even giving the speech on her behalf as she was not well in her consciousness. Roshni also supports her mom. Thus, the seperation between DD and shiv is diminishing quickly. On other hand, with Misha’s entry, Roshni gets insecure since she is Sid’s best friend unlike her. Meanwhile, Misha spends time with Sid and tries to know on why he left Roshni, and is also aware about Sid’s past forgiveness to Roshni. The mother-daughter duo Simran-Kritika want to ensure Roshni not to be seen any close with Sid and plans to trick Misha to achieve their unhealthy plans. Misha gradually learns more about Sid and Roshni’s relationship. What role will Misha: Sid’s best friend play in the current situation where Simran & Kritika’s ploy are also in progress ?


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