Ayesha lands Samar in trouble; Laxmi to ponder over Raj’s love in Dream Girl


Laxmi Mathur Dream Girl Life OK

Ayesha has succeeded in fooling Karan one more time. Karan tells Laxmi to get into the rich lifestyle, and how much necessary it is for a Dream Girl. He explains her how Ayesha is a Dream Girl and she still needs Manav as her backup. He tells her that he can become her support if she marries him, and tries to make her fall for him showing his power, influence and status. He asks her to compare him and the samosewala Raj, who does not have any status or name. Laxmi gets thinking. Samar tells Ayesha that Laxmi does not run after money, and he is sure her answer to his proposal will be yes.

Ayesha manipulates him and asks him to come to cheer for Laxmi in the final round of the Dream Girl contest, along with his new found samosa club friends. She asks him to test whether Laxmi will fit in his love world, and accept him as Raj Samosewala. Samar follows her advice and brings some of his new friends there. Ayesha sends some goons to humiliate Samar and his poor friends, which initiates a big fight in Navrang studios. Lxmi gets stunned seeing Raj’s avatar of fighting with goons, and highlighting his poor status. She gets turned off by Raj, after Karan fuels her mind against Raj, who has got her final round cancelled. What will be Laxmi’s take on this? Keep reading.



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