Sandhya and Sooraj to attain undefined victory in Diya Aur…




Sooraj thinks to unite the team by building trust in them. He tries to wind up their hearts closer in one string and make them a team again, like before. He senses the annoyance in everyone’s heart and tries to show them that they need to play as a team, not for individual talent showcase. Sooraj explains them about playing alone in the first round, as Mahendra has asked him to score well and make the team somewhat relieve of the pressure. Sooraj tries to end their differences. Aditi shows trust in Sooraj’s capabilities. The team starts preparing for the second match and it is a challenge for Sooraj to win the match to stay in the Kabaddi tournament. The team struggles in the second match and the scores get very poor.

Sooraj pushes the team towards victory by managing to survive in the competition, as it’s a do or die situation for all of them. He asks them to focus on their career too, as it will end if they lose the match. Sooraj encourages them to play as a team. On the other hand, Bhabho prays that Sandhya passes the second fitness test and does not get hurt. Sandhya goes to arrest Chander and gets caught by his goons.

She does not know about Zakir’s plan and taking inspector Pratap/Chander’s help in checking her abilities to give her an important mission. The goons tie Sandhya to the heavy metal bed and Zakir looks on in the live feeds to check if Sandhya can pull up the metal bed, which is more than her body weight. They all are aware of her kidney donation and physical weakness. Sandhya applies all her strength and pulls up the metal form, and frees herself. She passes in the test and Zakir tells his senior that Sandhya is still capable to take up any mission. Will Sandhya find out about Zakir’s plans? Will Sooraj make the team achieve victory in the second match? Keep reading.



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