Dilawar conspires to knock off his hurdle Ratan in Star Plus’ Veera



After Dilawar’s goons hurting Veera and Baldev and having a big fight, the problem does not end. It gets more intense as Dilawar’s goons run away with the documents. Ratan gets to know about the incident and goes to confront Dilawar, along with the pind people. She asks him about his involvement in hurting Baldev and Veera and tells him the consequences if his crime is proved, as Baldev is currently the sarpanch of the pind. Dilawar denies the matter and says he has himself given the documents wholeheartedly to Baldev and then why will he send his goons to snatch the papers.


He tries fooling the people and Ratan understands his cleverness. She asks him to prove to them that he has changed and wants their welfare. Dilawar asks her what he can do to show major change in him. Ratan asks him to return the land documents to all the farmers, and relieve them of the big loans. Dilawar gets stunned and says it his business to hold some lands and give loans to people. Ratan counters him as he has taken over 80% profits from the farmers and they all have paid the loan in that way. Dilawar agrees to return the farmer’s lands and conspires to knock off Ratan from his way. What will Dilawar do now? Keep reading.


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