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Median zing spoilers

Doli Armanon Ki:

Samrat tried to kill Urmi in a fire conspiracy recently. He meets with an accident and screams for help. He conspired against Ishaan and Urmi always and it is said “as you sow so you reap”. Now it is time to reap his sin as a punishment. Samrat faces the natural trouble as the tree falls over his car, leaving him no way to escape. He gets locked inside the car and the door does not open. Ishaan runs to help him and tries to open the door. Lord has punished Samrat as his evils have gone to the highest point. Samrat shouts for help. Ishaan forgets all the enmity and tries to save him. As the show is heading towards the leap, Samrat, Urmi and Ishaan’s story are coming to an end, making way to fresh story of the younger generation. With the leap, there will be a twist coming up.


Ritika gets ready as a bride and goes to kill Ishani. She hides her face and kidnaps Ishani. She shows her truth and speaks out everything. She stabs Ishani and leaves from the place. Ishani falls unconscious on the road. Ritika goes back in the mandap after revealing her truth to Ishani. Ranvir and Ritika exchange garlands and sit in the mandap. The marriage rituals start. Ishani manages to reach the mandap and exposes Ritika. Ranvir gets stunned seeing her wounded and finds hard to believe Ritika’s truth.


Ratan gets to know about Dilawar putting a bomb in the harvest godown. She rushes to save the harvest as its related to all the farmer’s life. She takes the bomb box and runs from there. The goons try to stop her and hurt her. Ratan gets wounded and runs in the rain holding some box. Everyone try to stop Ratan and see her hurt. They all get shocked when the kid tells them that Ratan is hurt and running towards the fields. Ratan does not stop when everyone call her out. She sees them and runs more faster. Ratan goes to a lonely place and hides from her family to save their lives. Ratan dies in the bomb blast and saves the pind and also the harvest.

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli is dressed up as a traditional villager and gets the dolls married. She is thinking as if she is getting Kundan remarried to a girl. She welcomes Kundan’s new wife. Harki and Nimboli get the dolls dressed up as bride and groom, and take pheras like a normal marriage. This marriage is reflecting her own child marriage with Kundan and hopes that this will bring happiness in her life.


LD and Radha get stuck in the jungle and get time to have some romantic moments. It starts raining and LN lights up fire seeing her shiver. LD has fought with the goons to save her life and the next track will bring them closer. LD and Radha will be consummating their marriage in the jungle and a new twist will raise a question on their relation. LD and Radha find way out of the jungle and try to get back home.

Shastri Sisters:

Kajal sees Rajat and Anu following her and makes Ajay run away. Rajat and Anu miss to hear the conversation and return home. Kajal understands Rajat is cheating her and feels even Neil is helping Rajat. Rajat and Neil lookout for Ajay and follow him in the market. They make a plan to catch Ajay. Anu and Devyaani tackle Kajal and challenge to expose her in few hours. Ajay calls Kajal and tells her that he has made the property papers ready and asks her to come and collect them. Ajay meets Rajat and Neil. Kajal tries making Minty against Anu and Rajat again.


The minister’s granddaughter shows trust in Rudra and asks him to get Ganga Maiyya back as he is their super hero. Rudra promises her that he will not let the devotee’s belief break. Rudra tells them that Ganga river will flow again and start from this point itself in the Kumbh. The Garudas prepare themselves and leave together to fulfill their task of getting Ganga back. The girl asks Bhairavi about their whereabouts and prays that they all succeed. The Garudas set out to look for Ganga and reach the terracotta world, deep inside the earth layers. Rudra and Shivanand guide the Garudas and they meet some person. Shivanand talks to him and says they have come to protect Amrit.


Abha gets worried seeing Arjun tied to Bhaiya ji’s jeep. Bhagya cries as Arjun gets wounded while dragged by the jeep. Abha calls Ishwar and fails to inform him. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to call out the entire village to show them what is the result when anyone goes against him, and this time Arjun has insulted Devi Maa and tried to marry her. Lakhan locks Abha and the kids inside a hut. Chakor tells everyone what happened with Arjun. Imli and Sheru gather all the village kids to help out Chakor. Chakor worries thinking about Arjun’s punishment and prays that Ishwar comes soon.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki comes to know about Dhruv’s show getting cancelled and Sakshi taking over his place to lead the prime time show. Thapki says the show belongs to just Dhruv and she will not let Sakshi take his place. She hears Sakshi and Vivek planning to kick out Dhruv from the channel and gets stunned. Thapki says she will do anything to make Dhruv host today’s episode. She takes the technical team and reaches Dhruv’s home. Dhruv tells Sakshi to send some imp files home. Thapki tells the security guard to pass her message to Dhruv and convinces Dhruv to host the show, as the show gives inspiration to many people. Sakshi learns about Thapki making Dhruv host the show from his home. She finds the news room vacant and heads to Dhruv’s home to stop Thapki.

Tu Mera Hero:

Vaishaili instigates Govind against Titu and shows Golu’s ticket saying Titu is running away from his responsibilities once again. She asks him to stop Titu at any cost and not break Panchi’s trust. Govind finds Surekha giving necklace to Titu and thinks she is again helping him in arranging money. He stops Titu and does not allow him to go out of the house. Titu gets restless as he has to reach in Kavi Sammelan and help Gulgule. Titu tells Surekha that he will never break their trust. She agrees to help him in going out.


Sandhya tells Zakir that Sooraj has won everything today and got respect in Ved’s eyes. She gets a secret mission on natural security and asks her not to give any info her to family or department. The senior asks her to forget that she has a family. A mission which can shatter her relations lands in her hand. What will Sandhya do now?

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