Bhabho gets tensed by Sooraj’s second marriage thought; Himanshu falls in Sagarika’s charm in Diya Aur…


Bhabho in Diya aur Baati Hum

Bhabho gets a big shock when Emily is held responsible and everyone in the family blames Emily for breaking Chavi and Zakir’s alliance. Emily defends herself and just then Zakir comes there to enquire about Sandhya. Emily slaps him for making her a culprit in her family’s eyes. Zakir apologizes to everyone and asks Bhabho for Emily’s hand. Bhabho gets shocked and she was wishing the same, as she wanted to kick out Emily from home so that she can start a new life with Zakir. Chavi gets sad seeing Zakir’s love for Emily. Emily refuses for Zakir’s proposal and it has to be seen how Zakir wins her heart. Emily tells Bhabho that she has her roots in Rathi home and she would never leave them. Bhabho later dreams of Sooraj marrying someone and gets worried by the sudden bad thought. Bhabho shares her worry with Sooraj, and Meenakshi taunts Sooraj that it will be good if he gets a new bride this time. While Sooraj has his loyalty for Sandhya, will Sandhya’s disappearance for this mission make Sooraj marry someone else?


Sandhya reached on time to meet Himanshu and impressed him with her good grip on Bengali language. Himanshu has some doubts on her seeing her come from outside and checks her bag. Bharat finds Himanshu very smart to doubt on everything around him, and Sandhya acts well with Bharat to trap Himanshu. Himanshu likes Sagarika seeing her gorgeous looks, their same likes of Bengali music, and also her good nature. He arranges a next meet and leaves. Bharat asks Sandhya not to make any mistake that can end their mission in an instant. Sandhya goes back home and stays with her family, offering support to Emily. Ved shows them Sandhya’s new Bengali look photo which makes the family question Sandhya about her new mission. Sandhya gets tensed as she does not have to give any details to her family. What will Sandhya answer them? Keep reading.


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