Chakor to win sports association race after many hurdles in Udaan



Chakor has many hopes and dreams linked to her by Ishwar and her family. Ishwar tells her that people dream by their own eyes, but he is the only one who has dreamt by Chakor’s eyes. He tells her to achieve his dreams, which he has seen for her for her betterment and good future. He asks her to show her talent in the sports academy and win the race to get in the country’s best athlete’s list. Ishwar advices her not to bear any injustice in life, be it small or big. He asks her to fight for her right, as it is never wrong to be clever and use mind against evil. He asks her to remember his words and she makes him an inspiration forever.


Ishwar brings Chakor to Arjun’s marriage and sees the goon in the haveli. He does not sense Bhaiya ji’s plan. Bhaiya ji asks Babu and his goon to enter his haveli as helpers and kill Chakor, by which Bhagya’s marriage function will turn into Chakor’s demise event. Babu’s goon targets Chakor and misses to trap her. Chakor makes Bhagya ready for the functions and everyone is the haveli look very happy. Later, Chakor gets kidnapped by the goon and Manohar takes this as a chance to rummage through Ishwar’s home and office. Abha comes to know about Manohar’s presence at her home and informs Ishwar. After many hurdles, Ishwar frees Chakor and gets her along to make her participate in the running race.Bhaiya ji targets Ishwar and Chakor as they both are each other’s strength.

Bhaiya ji makes the goon place bomb in their car, by which Ishwar gets hurt, and Chakor escaped the deadly attack by Ishwar being her savior. Chakor heads to the race by Ishwar’s saying, and wins the race to dedicate the victory to Ishwar. What lies next in the show? Keep reading.


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